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"UPDATE: No Charges In California CPR Case"
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03/07/2013 6:09AM
UPDATE: No Charges In California CPR Case
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03/07/2013 6:53AM
When did human life become a cheap commodity ??????????
We spend millions to save the panda bears, go out of our way to save the whales and clean oil off of penguins, but we can’t save a 87 year old women ? Nothing against people who like animals, I just find it puzzling. Unfortunately this will probably become the norm, where people who lived a” full live” or too sick will be allowed to expire. I could understand if there as a DNR order, I don’t think there was; So who’s choice was it ? I guess society can justify anything , as long as the law is on their side This is soooooooooooo sad
03/08/2013 3:59PM
DNR Order
Has it crossed anyone's mind that maybe this woman had signed a DNR order before moving into this facility? It's the policy of the facility to wait for emergency medical personnel, and the nurse was doing as she was told. How awful it would have been for the family to have to make the decision to discontinue life support had this woman been resuscitated only to be left to live in a vegetative state. She was 87 years old. No one lives forever. The family didn't even have a problem with it. Why does society? This is really none of anyone's business but the family's.
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