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"Cab Driver Worries After Murder Could Impact Service"
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03/07/2013 2:18PM
Cab Driver Worries After Murder Could Impact Service
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03/08/2013 8:22AM
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Buffalo, NY (WBEN) It seems to happen whenever a Buffalo cab driver is killed while on the job. Those who work later hours abruptly quit and find other work. One cab company president says that will have an impact on everybody. "Every taxi driver and every customer is affected by this," says Bill Yuhnke of Liberty Cab. "We're getting calls from customers asking if it's safe to take a cab. Everybody's on pins and needles." The reason why is the murder early Wednesday morning of 55 year old Mazen Abdallah of Buffalo. His body was found inside his cab. Yuhnke says drivers will stop coming in to work second and third shifts in the days after such a murder. "Cab drivers are independent contractors, so it's their choice. It's only normal, the wives and girlfriends want them to come home safe at night. As a result the service will suffer, for a few months anyway," explains Yuhnke. He says 10 minute waits could become 25 minute waits for cabs overnight. To keep drivers and customers safe, Yuhnke says each cab has a GPS inside that's monitored. "We identify the customer and we at least have the real phone number in case something happens," says Yuhnke. And if something does happen, the driver can press an emergency button that alerts police and other drivers to that cab's location. what went wrong then with the system seems like the person who shot the driver was know to him we may or may not find out at a later date
03/08/2013 11:21AM
Amber light should be installed
As a retired LEO from NYC. it's an effective tool if amber lights with a floor switch be installed on all cabs. If a cab driver activates the lights it will give a Police Officer PC to make a stop and investigate. Very effective, lights must be installed in the front and back.
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