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"Demolition Starts at Bethlehem Steel Bldg."
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03/07/2013 2:31PM
Demolition Starts at Bethlehem Steel Bldg.
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03/07/2013 3:04PM
Lets be stagnent
Nothing should ever be torn down in Buffalo! This city lives too much in the past. It's time to let go and start moving forward people.
03/07/2013 9:19PM
Preservationists Need to Prioritize Their Fights
Preservationists have saved much in the WNY over the years. Their fight to save the Erie Canal Terminus stands at the forefront. But let's be honest. Not every building in WNY can be saved. The Administration Building at Bethlehem Steel is one of these buildings. This has personal significance to me as my father worked in that building for 35 years. Unfortunately the time has come to tear it down. The building was allowed to run down which is unfortunately the case with many buildings in the area. Now it is too late. I know that the Preservations claim to have to buyers for the property, but who are they and why haven't they surfaced earlier? Realistically, who would want to locate their business in a brownfield and isolated from other businesses? Even though grants are available, I am sure that costs to rehabilitate the building would be costly. The blame can be spread all around from Bethlehem Steel to Gateway Development to even the Preservationists themselves for not doing enough earlier to let this once great builing fall apart. A booming region will pick the top sites in the community to save our heritage and develop the rest. Modern day architecture is art also. Preservationists must priorize their projects and develop those projects instead of trying to save every significant and insignificant building.
03/08/2013 8:10AM
Here's an idea
Your Morning Mullet should continue to threaten callers who point out that he's dull.
03/08/2013 3:26PM
Use the Off Button
To 'Here's an idea' : If you don't like what Tom Bauerle is talking about, please consider changing the channel. That's what I do, and let those who enjoy his discussion for the day continue to enjoy it. That's whatgrown ups do. By the way, we don't call people names because that, too, is rude and adolescent.
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