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"Argentine Cardinal Elected New Pope"
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03/13/2013 2:10PM
WHITE SMOKE from Vatican: New Pope Elected
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03/14/2013 5:18AM
Why bother?
I have to shake my head when I hear people expressing a desire for a more "progressive" (translation: liberal) pope and Catholic church. Sounds to me like the person who says, "I have a great cat! He acts just like a dog!" If those are the kinds of traits that you want in a pet, why not just get a dog? Or how about the woman who says, "I love my fiance just the way he is, but there's a few things about him I'll have to change after we're married." Again, why bother marrying him if you're going to change him? Or, "This house is perfect, we'll take it! Of course, we'll have to re-paint all the rooms, change all the carpets, put an addition on the back..." You get the idea, I'm sure. I agree with a caller to Sandy Beach's show yesterday: we can have a more progressive pope and Catholic church when the Muslims are asked to become more progressive. What other religion is asked to change its identity as much as the Catholic religion is? Can't think of one. Why bother being Catholic (or any religion)if you don't like the precepts the religion is founded on?
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