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"Motorcyclist to be Sentenced for Deadly DWI Crash"
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03/13/2013 8:19PM
Motorcyclist to be Sentenced for Deadly DWI Crash
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03/14/2013 10:21AM
Justice for all
I can relate to this story because my brother had 9 DWI's before he passed away. He spent a good portion of his adult life in counseling and jail only to repeat his mistakes. I always worried he would kill someone and tried to help him. I even tried to explain to him that if he really "needed to drink" JUST DON'T DRIVE" but when you have had 1 or 2 , reason starts to go out the window. Alcoholism is a disease and MR. Smith will see jail time, the families will have a small measure of justice, but at the end of the day, the problem remains. I pray for those families who lost their loved ones and for Mr. Smith that he will find something in life more meaningful than alcohol , the temporary relief it brought him and the permanent pain that will remain for everyone involved.
03/14/2013 11:35AM
go for the full 15
This guy is a multi state repeat drunk driver. Give him the full 15 in prison and make sure if he gets out that the only thing he can have with wheels is a walker or wheelchair. Enough is enough....
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