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"NY Safe Act: New Gun Background Checks, Mental Health Reporting Begins"
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03/15/2013 7:53AM
NY Safe Act: New Gun Background Checks, Mental Health Reporting Begins
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03/15/2013 8:13AM
Background checks
Seems the only way to combat this unconstitutional law is mass civil disobedience! As the protest signs say: We will Not Abide!
03/15/2013 9:03AM
Still think this is about "gun" control?
Schools are indoctrinaing our young,labor unions are being empowered more than ever,the Liberal media is crushing and diminishing any impression that White men are strong or masculine,we have armed drones over head ready to take out American citizens,a mega huge data mining center being built (your data) talk of federal gun control, prepatations to take over TV and internet in case of an emergency (Obama will determine what an emergency is)this government stockpiling enough hollow point ammo to shoot every American like 6 times,the recent purchase of a couple thousand armored vehicle to roam American streets, government enacting a new law giving Obama the power to detain or kill any American without question,talk of a civilian army equaly as funded as our military....and the list goes on and on. Doesn't sound much like America does it? We have an infestation of Liberal agenda driven Democrat politicians who break the oath they took to uphold and defend the constitution every day, and the stupid American voter keeps reelecting them. Soon there won't be any more elections anyway. This is no longer America the land of the free and the home of the brave because we allowed the Liberal media to make us just stupid enough.
03/15/2013 9:37AM
Most people don't care
Most people in this society somehow manage to go through life without a firearm, and that's not because the paranoid gun nuts DO have guns and protect them, but rather because we have great law enforcement agencies from coast to coast. This obsession with their beloved firearms is so sad and shallow. How many targets can you shoot? They want to have no limits on firearms, just to fuel their warped fantasy which includes, but is not limited to, the need to protect us from the tyranny of our own government. LOL! They should take the money they were gonna use for the gun...and invest it in a shrink.
03/15/2013 9:40AM
Americans vs. gun manufacturers
91 percent of Americans support background checks for all purchases. Gun manufacturers oppose any checks. Bloomberg News reported "California is the only state that tracks and disarms people with legally registered guns who have lost the right to own them, according to Attorney General Kamala Harris. Almost 20,000 gun owners in the state are prohibited from possessing firearms, including convicted felons, those under a domestic violence restraining order or deemed mentally unstable." Gun manufacturers want people like these (many of whom obviously fall into the talk-radio demographic) to own and use lots and lots of military-style assault weapons. Seems that the authoritarian-follower right wingers are, once again, on the wrong side of progress, on the wrong side of history. Turn off the Limbaugh and think just for a moment.
03/15/2013 9:45AM
Another WBEN story ...
informs us that the woman who provided the assault weapon to the Henrietta wingnut who shot the firefighters on Xmas Eve has been taken into custody. Just curious as to how many here will defend and support her (probably all of you).
03/15/2013 9:48AM
Not so Fast NYS
As a mandated reporter, I would be very hesitant and concerned about reporting someone under this new state mandate. First, this law is very controversial, possibly illegal, suspiciously passed, and contains too many errors resulting in more questions than answers. You already have conflicts and grey areas regarding the HIPPA provision and certain federal laws which may supersede state law. Just think the possible can of worms someone could open by doing this – i.e. - law suite’s or liability for themselves or company. The courts are going to have to decide the appropriateness of all of this.
03/15/2013 12:01PM
RE Still think this is about "gun" control?
Now that was an impressive recitation of right wing talking points. Talk about "indoctrinaing"! You sir, clearly watch Fox News and listen to Limbaugh every day, and your lack of basic knowledge reflects your loyalties.
03/15/2013 12:41PM
Courts are Key
This misbegotten law will clog our already disfunctional court system. Do you think our jails can handle millions of legal (sic) gun owners. just women alone..
03/15/2013 2:29PM
I see the cyber warriors for Obama are out in force
Background checks between private individuals can turn into something of a snake. Under the cloak of "safety" transferring of guns can be monitored and even banned with a little more pushing from Cuomo, Silver & Skelos. I am sure they will come up with the idea that when their SAFE NY law does not work that they will have to make it stricter. Now that my 10 round magazines will be considered criminal & I can't sell or buy a gun from or to a friend or neighbor what is next??
03/15/2013 4:30PM
So foolish
91 percent support background checks? What does the NCIS do now..oh yea...thats a background check by the federal government, a process already in place. Your quoting Bloomberg News! No bias there! No guns in his city that had over 400 homicides last year. That works good, we should follow Bloomers lead. No rational thought behing this, just more emotion from the left wing nutballs. We will not abide, yes, this will get messy. Just keep passing these meaningless laws that don't even come close to the real issue. When the next massacre happens, and it will, you lefties should be proud of being a part of it. Your getting what you wanted (someones guns) at the expense of innocent children. Sleep well.
03/15/2013 5:58PM
I hope this does not spread
This could cause a lot of tribulation, the democrats will definitely lose a LOT of supporters, for starts I am one! Also could start all kinds of illegal activity, or even states to split, it may go down in history as the first reason for the division of the USA. There are millions of gun owners here and almost all are responsible law biding citizens (for now). How many people do you think will go to a doctor with ANY kind of stress related issues KNOWING that they will be reported to a central database. This country is slowly turning to a commie society, Take a good look and tell me how many rights have and will be taken away, What is the real source of the problem??
03/16/2013 8:57AM
RE I hope this does not spread
You say "it may go down in history as the first reason for the division of the USA" ... um, Fort Sumter 1861, it was in all the papers. This and your misguided rant about a "commie society" confirms that you're not a Democrat at all but just another low-information Limbot who gets his wrong ideas from right wing media. Try harder next time.
03/16/2013 9:42AM
Police State Tactics
Already they're practicing police state tactics (in America) undercover cops to bust a gun sale that 49 semi sane states wouldn't have had an issue with? Yikes! I don't care how you feel about guns this should scare everybody. Our Constitution has more amendments than just the 2nd, say goodby. Did you know that WIVB will ban you for Conservative opinions,that isn't supposed to happen in America either.
03/16/2013 9:51AM
Talking points ?
Liberals hate those pesky verifiable fact based horror stories,rather than snap out of it and realize their going to end up in the same world of hurt as all of us they'll call it right wing talking points. Admit it you voted very wrong.
03/16/2013 2:46PM
To "So foolish"
Just to be clear: Wayne LaPierre and the gun manufacturers are the ones who are in favor of more classroom massacres so be sure to aim your petulant venom in the right direction.
03/16/2013 9:07PM
How the Left Leads
Shouldn't all the Democrats destroy their own personal guns, get rid of all the security around them as they travel to and fro seeking all those they can devour! Lay your arms down " Mr. and Mrs. Left" for there is no need for firearms. In order to protect yourselves just raise taxes, ban salt and soda, set illegal aliens who have been arrested free, delay the xl pipeline for security reasons, spin your web of lies because there is no FREE speech because the POLICE STATE controls the media, that is owns it because no free thinker dare question this administration on any policy it farts out. Why don't you lefties go to Cuba, or Venezuela if you want TOTAL government control. Better yet North Korea so can do your Gangnam style dance with Psy and Kim Jong-un. Your all a bunch of F***ing commies!
03/16/2013 11:44PM
gun control in a word
03/17/2013 1:34PM
The real culprit with the shooting tragedies is the oversight of these shooters on medication that factually have proven to cause paranoia, violence, and delusional thoughts that often propels them into these heinous acts. Sure a gun can kill pretty quick and is their choice but why should the right to bear arms be infringed upon when families, friends and those in the medical field eventually let a few slip through the cracks. Why are millions governed by legislation to prevent future acts such as those committed for the sake of doing something. Our focus should be on mental health and those who have members of such circumstances should have their guns locked up or removed from the premises and if accessed by a sick individual then they must face legal consequences. Maybe to many doctors are medicating and maybe it's to big of a business to profit from not to pump into the public domain.
03/18/2013 7:47AM
NY SAFE Act - time to stand our ground
What would send a message to the state is mass denial to register. If nobody does anything, what will they do?
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