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"Sandy Beach Among Buffalo Broadcasting Giants"
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03/16/2013 7:39AM
Sandy Beach Among Buffalo Broadcasting Giants
Do you remember all these guys?
03/16/2013 10:46AM
Dan Neaverth at KB.
It was probably winter in the mid 70's, Dan Neaverth was D J at K B,thousands of WNY kids were listening to their radios for a report that schools were closed because of the snowstorm. Danny came on the air chuckling because the station received a phone call from a youngster trying to disguise his voice, saying, "This is the superintendent of schools. All Buffalo, private and Pinocchio schools are closed today." I believe the youngster meant Parochial schools.I think of this each and every winter during school closings.
03/16/2013 11:03AM
Lookin' Good Guys!
Lots of laughs remembered from these entertainers! Great to see you all reunited!
03/16/2013 10:36PM
They all played a big part of my youth (and theirs)at "KB". They are the best of the best in radio! And yes they are legends of the air. Thanks for the great memories, Artie.
03/17/2013 5:14PM
Read this on the air, The “Best of the Best” here in Buffalo !!!!
We, here in Buffalo, have been and are presently “Blessed” with “Legendary" radio personalities throughout all of the local channels we receive AM-FM. I have listened to all of the stations and have listened to all of these terrific radio personalities we are speaking of today since the years of 1974 until present. These past 12 years, WBEN was actually my primary listening station. I enjoy all of you guy’s and somehow I feel that I know all of you, although we have never met. I’m getting a “shiver up and down my leg” just knowing how much fun, gut wrenching laughs and admiration you must have all felt just being together and enjoying each others company. The best of all worlds, God bless all of you and keep making us laugh throughout these insane and difficult times, Gary Sobolewski
03/17/2013 5:30PM
Where is Ron Dobson !!!!!
I agreed with him about only 50% of the time, BUT, Ron Dobson was a good engaging, colorful and progressive person that I actually enjoyed immensely. Why isn’t he on the air on your station anymore? I feel he was a “Jewel-in-the rough” personality for you @ WBEN and he should have been saved and preserved. Marketing Department: I think you may have missed the boat on RD. You should "get him back" for all of us here in Buffalo NY, Gary Sobolewski, Lancaster.
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