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"Could Rand Paul Head the GOP TIcket in 2016?"
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03/18/2013 7:27AM
Could Rand Paul Head the GOP TIcket in 2016?
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03/19/2013 9:49AM
Democrats say YES
He'd be the greatest gift to the Dems. Though, to his credit: his father did oppose the Crime Of The Century which occurred ten years ago today, any mention of which is curiously absent on this website. You people were pretty gung ho at the time, as you'll recall.
03/19/2013 9:55AM
Advocacy media
Speaking of electoral politics ... since you've abandoned all pretense of credibility and established your station as a partisan GOP propaganda outlet, how about some analysis of Reince's report recommending the party stop being such idiots, or de facto party leader Limbaugh ordering his minions to be even bigger idiots?
03/19/2013 10:26AM
He'd be an improvement
... over such stalwarts as Sarah Palin and George W Bush. Just don't ask him about states rights.
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