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"Rally in Support of NYSAFE Act"
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03/18/2013 4:18PM
Rally in Support of NYSAFE Act
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03/18/2013 5:21PM
only 100 for a mid day rally while over 10000 against the law a couple of weeks ago during the day
03/18/2013 5:52PM
This is why we have stupid bogus laws like this, people who can't think. Get it into your heads, stop the criminals.
03/18/2013 7:20PM
Bravo Reverend Nelson
Good to see that some folks actually oppose the massacre of schoolchildren.
03/18/2013 7:25PM
How many of those 100 were paid to be there? My educated guess is 75% (I don't buy it was 100, I went by a few times and looked more like 40).
03/18/2013 11:24PM
100 people. Really?
Not exactly awe inspiring.
03/19/2013 1:40AM
Ignorant Gun Control Supporters!
I knew the anti gun crowd would have their rally soon enough. What these African American pastors fail to realize is this law and any other "People" control laws will not make the "Hood" or America safer. These laws will severly restrict the law abiding who are not performing crimes. Limiting magazine capacity to 7 rounds will not stop the criminals from carrying 33 round magazines. If they want to stop black on black crime tell young black males to stop shooting each other! Yeah and this is coming from a black man that lives in Western NY and has a Full Carry Permit! Cuomo must go!
03/19/2013 10:11AM
Stupid ppl
Every year legal gun owners save life's and stop crimes. All we want from this law is one life saved how stupid can people be.
03/19/2013 10:53AM
CUO-BAMA (fail)
This is nothing more than a solid reason to have a police surge against criminals and repeat fellons. My guns are locked in a safe and have never recklessly harmed anyone. But CUO-BAMA thinks it makes criminals more likely to be armed. So rather than beefing up law enforcement and spending money where it should be allocated HE would rather come after me and anyone else whom has never broken the law.
03/20/2013 7:42AM
Safe Act
Why doesn't Gov. Cuomo go after the Gangs, that is most of the problems.Are they afraid of the gangs??? and leave the people that obey the law alone.
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