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"NYSAFE Tweak Not Satisfactory to SCOPE Leader"
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03/20/2013 7:30PM
NYSAFE Tweak Not Satisfactory to SCOPE Leader
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03/21/2013 7:22AM
We need more massacres
These pointy headed libruls want to stop people shooting each other. MOre kill more kill
03/21/2013 8:27AM
It's beyond laughable
The manner in which these crazed agenda driven Liberal Democrat politicians operate is right up there with SNL satirr. I boggles the mind to think any educated person could cast their vote for and of these bumbling stooges,they're beyond embarrassment as politicians,their thought prosess is defective. With any luck soon they'll say "APRIL FOOLS"
03/21/2013 10:37AM
Silver & Cuomo need to go
The powers that be in their infinite wisdom whizzed on every gun owner in New York. Both Cuomo & Silver need to find a little Utopia that they can lord over to their heart's delight. Neither of them has any idea of the real world outside their offices. If it holds TEN then it will have TEN in it when I use it. Andy & Shelly must be feeling some heat for them to revamp this part of their hastily crafted draconian law that does nothing to stop crime.
03/21/2013 11:35AM
Look who you're allied with
Adam Lanza could never have committed atrocities in such high numbers without the help of his high-capacity magazines and assault rifle; by extension Wayne LaPierre and his followers aided and abetted.
03/22/2013 12:25PM
Tragedies go with Liberty. Lanza was SICK. If you want total protection of the government then move to China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and on and on. Let me remind you that millions of responsible gun owners are sane and sensible. What is not is this new law. Also the blood of our military, police and federal agencies have been shed to protect this right. It's the power move of government to weaken it's citizens right to bear arms and not be infringed is what's so pathetic. Mental health is the problem here not a ar-15!
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