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"Silver: Gun Magazine Bullet Limit to be Suspended"
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03/21/2013 1:26PM
Silver: Gun Magazine Bullet Limit to be Suspended
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03/21/2013 3:06PM
Cross my heart & hope Shelly & Andy catch the Clap
Sure I am going to load only 7..... I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn too. What planet are these fools from anyhow? There are only a couple of things that an exact 7 round magazine are made for. The 1911 Colt .45 is one. Some Marlin .22 rifles alsohave a 7 round magazine.
03/21/2013 4:20PM
I smell a ful repeal
All of this backtracking only signals the dems are worried about 2014 and they should be! With a 19 rnd mag i am going to load all i can because if it,s good enough for law enforcement it,s good enough for me! Besides never leave home without enough ammo, its kinda like cash you never know when you are gonna need it and how much you are gonna need!!!!!!
03/22/2013 8:12AM
Admitting they're wrong
Agreeing so quickly to "technical fixes" in the law so quickly after passing is screams one thing... "We Know It's Wrong!" If you truly believed in the law your wrote you wouldn't be so quick to make changes to it. How is it we keep electing people who feel you need to pass a bill in order to read it to find out what's inside? How does a broke state in a broke county write in the "fine print" a 12-Seat LUXURY box at the remodeled Bill's Stadium? We have no money, but we have box seats! We will face this again next year when Cuomo's "Middle Class Rebate" will cut a $450 check to all middle class families in NYS who have at least 1 child in 2013, but the checks won't be handed out until just before election in 2014! NICE
03/22/2013 12:27PM
Inteligent Politicians
This shows how dumb and stupid these people really are!
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