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"NRA's NY Affiliate Sues State over NYSAFE Act"
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03/21/2013 2:52PM
NRA's NY Affiliate Sues State over NYSAFE Act
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03/21/2013 4:13PM
Herr cuomo,s nightmare
This gun law has been rejected by 55 counties out of 62. This should be scrapped by simply being an ex-post facto law, cuomo is running backwards like a marathoner. ALL I WANT IS A FULL REPEAL, NOTHING LESS! i should ask for an apology but that would beasking too much
03/21/2013 4:56PM
More death! Woo hoo!
We want more bullets flying everywhere! And while you're at it, time to change the call letters of this former journalism outfit from WBEN to WNRA.
03/22/2013 10:59AM
Keep in mind
A sizable majority of Americans support background checks for gun purchases. You people want to give military-grade assault weapons to anyone and everyone, including the psychotic and convicted felons. Many of whom are found in your listening demographic, obviously. Why do you want more bloodshed, more massacres? Has right-wing media really stoked your resentments to that degree?
03/22/2013 12:14PM
Those wanting the CONTROL of firearms are the real paranoid. Anyone owning guns have been law abiding, quit demonizing the good guys. Overreaction always plays out ie., the government bailing out the elitist bankers and the auto industry, let them belly up; that's how you clean out the waste and incompetent. Why can't DHS answer Congress' question for the reason to the 1.6 billion ammo purchase. You guys on the left could be begging for guns one day to protect yourselves. Because of the actions of the DHS police departments are low on ammo; resulting in all the more firearms might be necessary to protect from criminals on the run of the town. Oh I feel confident to dial 911 and wait for the police to show up. Meantime bury me dead, not!! You truly must be either a tyrannical supporter, communist, or outright dumb to strip or limit the 2A.
03/22/2013 4:39PM
Yes, please do keep in mind
Stop being duped by the terminology "assault weapons". What is being banned are not assault weapons. If you think otherwise, you tell me what branch of the military is using civilian legal AR-15s. Most guns sold shoot once when you pull the trigger once (going back earlier than even the 'old west'). The shape of the grip and the color of the gun has nothing do do with its lethality. Claiming these are 'military weapons' is to proclaim your ignorance. The ban elements of NYSAFE are arbitrary and capricious. The mental health provisions have been rejected by the professional mental health community - even the Veterans Administration has said it will not comply with the mental health portions of the law. Contrary to claims, I haven't seen the NRA or any other 'gun nuts' protesting against the stronger provisions against criminal use of guns. On the contrary, the NRA approach has been reasoned, consistent, and only seeks to repeal the portions of the law that were clearly assembled by people who are misinformed (at best) about the parts of gun violence that are actually tied to concrete (FBI statistics) evidence and acted on that poor information to trample on law abiding citizens.
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