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"Carl Paladino Takes Gun Rally on the Road to Syracuse"
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03/22/2013 10:25AM
Carl Paladino Takes Gun Rally on the Road to Syracuse Today
What are you thinking?
03/23/2013 6:18AM
Where is Syracuse's inner Harbor?
I lived in Syracuse for many years. Never heard of the Inner Harbor.
03/23/2013 6:25AM
Where is Syracuse's Inner Harbor?
I lived in Syracuse for many years and never heard of an Inner Harbor. Norm Jones Sr Youngstown
03/23/2013 7:39AM
Keep the pressure on
After all of the fixit proposals coming to this bill, only goes to show how bad it was thought out and worded! THEY NEED TO REPEAL IT NOW!!!!! Herr cuomo is backtracking and the dems are now running to hide from this so now its our turn not to forget who voted for this nightmare! TIME TO REALLY KEEP THE PRESSURE ON !!!! I for one will not forget come 2014.
03/23/2013 10:17AM
How many more children must die to satisfy you people?
Why do you want psychos and felons to have assault weapons? Does right-wing propaganda really fill you so full of hate that you want more massacres?
03/23/2013 11:13AM
Our "ambassador"
Every time Carl opens his mouth and says something ignorant and hateful (which is every time he opens his mouth) he reflects poorly on the region and makes us all look like a bunch of backwater morons. Thanks Carl. The vast majority of Buffalonians arenot Limbaugh-worshiping low-information bigots.
03/23/2013 8:11PM
Paladino is nothing more than a fool.
03/25/2013 8:06AM
to "ambassador"????
what a lie ambassador but those who live outside buffalo are not low information voters>lots Rush babes here . how many children must die?SHUT up I bet you love abortion (HOW MANY CHILDREN MUST DIE FROM THAT??) when the Crime boses hand over the weapons they got from Fast and Furious BHO and take ALL guns from drug cartels Congress the President EVERYONEhow many children have to die at the hands of a 16yr.old with his bare hands DUH!I LOVE CARL!now thats a REAL MAN! fool? STICKs and STONES
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