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"Both Sides in Gun Control Debate Making Noise"
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03/24/2013 4:57PM
Both Sides in Gun Control Debate Making Noise
What do you think?
03/25/2013 6:48AM
more of nanny bloomberg
After trying to control soda and salt , i dont think he will have much luck on the national scene. I do think that he will find out that for all the money he spends it wont make the grade! The constitution says We the people not we the elite who think weknow whats good for you.I think he ought to smell what he is shoveling !
03/25/2013 8:03AM
Mr. Dyster is an idiot!
He says "I own guns. I am not an antigun advocate." But he wants to restrict our rights. Either he is stupid or he thinks we are. The man is an idiot.
03/25/2013 8:27AM
Bloomburg is cerifiably crazy
The guy's not stable he's on some kind of a mission to fundementally transform American into some bizzar socialist twilight zone. None of what he's doing is for the benifit of the masses it's purely designed to advance their sick bizzar agenda. Don't think for a minute when they're done with your caloric intake and your 2nd Amendment rights that that'll be the end of it. Even dupped Liberal supporters of all this are in for a shock. This movement must be stopped.
03/25/2013 9:56AM
Thank you Mayor Bloomberg
People who claim he's trying to buy legislation should realize that's exactly what the gun manufacturer lobby has been doing for decades ... 91 percent of Americans support background checks but Wayne wants more dead children and he's got the money to buy his politicians.
03/25/2013 10:01AM
Irony of ironies
How many people who say this is about the Constitution (incidentally check Article 1, Section 8 regarding militias) wanted to shut down the "ground zero" (it wasn't) "mosque" (it wasn't) in spite of what the First Amendment specifically prohibits. You've already declared yourselves anti-Constitution so please spare us with your "bizzar" (sic) nonsense. Get lost.
03/25/2013 10:47AM
Mayor Doom Burg - NYLibocrite
Can't he spend his 12 Million in Harlem & support his own Voters ? Why Can't he lead by Example ? Another Self Serving Lib-Tard Like Cuomo....
03/25/2013 12:09PM
Liberal speak
Imagine actually saying "the NRA wants more dead children" it takes a sick twisted mind to believe such insanity, and who didn't know Dyster never played with a full deck? Liberals are speaking on this topic and they're just "saying stuff" puking out one bold faced blatant lie after another knowing their goofy stupid Liberal followers will fall for every word,because they function not with logical reasoning but merely with misguided feelings and warped emotions. Everything Liberals are saying about gunsand the 2nd Amendment is flat out wrong,and most of them know it.
03/25/2013 12:15PM
Support your freedom
Send the NRA a couple bucks to support their battle against this tyranny. History is destined to repeat itself and there's a whole lot more to this attack on your rights than meets the eye, fight this for your kids and their kids.
03/25/2013 1:19PM
Hey wben
Get a load of the people who agree with your agenda. Says something doesn't it.
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