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"UPDATE: Poll Says Gun Control Waning, Mark Kelly Stymied; Jim Carrey Mocks Guns"
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03/26/2013 9:41AM
UPDATE: Poll Says Gun Control Waning, Mark Kelly Stymied; Jim Carrey Mocks Guns
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03/26/2013 11:36AM
What a D-bag
I used to like him. I will never patronize anything he does again!
03/26/2013 11:37AM
Go Jim Carrey!
Even though there's nothing remotely funny about a classroom full of dead children, those who favor and enable such a scenario deserve scorn. Wing nuts deserve to be objects of ridicule as they don't contribute anything else to civilization.
03/26/2013 12:28PM
Not funny, just dumb
Jim Carrey has become obscure, he is just look for attention; we should ignore him
03/26/2013 2:08PM
An appeal to NRA rank and file
Clearly your organization has become an extremist fringe group thanks to the efforts of Insane Wayne ... he's made it obvious that his priority is the profitability of the gun manufacturing industry and not you. The NRA is in serious need of reform and the way to accomplish that is with responsible leadership. Fire LaPierre and come back to civil society. Those of you who have any degree of civic responsibility, make your voices heard. No more dead children please.
03/26/2013 3:03PM
I am the NRA and I vote
"An appeal to NRA rank and file". Clearly you are promoting your wishful thinking regarding the NRA being a extremist group. The reason Congress will not pass a "Assault weapons" ban is because most of them know they will not get reelected if they vote for it. This is not a Republican verses Democrat issue, just a many Dem's as Repub's support the 2nd Amendment. The obvious fact is you are the extremist wanting to take our rights away.
03/27/2013 8:02AM
Evan Spencer Ebel
Is the right wing's newest hero.
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