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"Why Are More Commuters Texting While Driving?"
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03/28/2013 5:55PM
Why Are More Commuters Texting While Driving?
Do you text while driving?
03/29/2013 6:13AM
Selfish and Stupid
That explains why people text while driving. Such a social stigma against drunk driving, yet the even more dangerous TWD has NO social stigma.
03/29/2013 6:50AM
If people understand statistics and probabilities they will understand this question is a joke. You can take any number and do what you want too, to get the outcome that you are looking for. Was the numbers taken out of fifty people per age? How about their religion? How about their ethnicity? There are so many variables it actually makes it almost impossible to get accurate readings? I think somebody did not think this question through before sending it out.
03/30/2013 7:21AM
Reckless, foolish
Like voting for George W Bush or Sarah Palin.
04/18/2013 11:18AM
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