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"Connecticut lawmakers agree on tough gun control bill"
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04/02/2013 5:58AM
Connecticut lawmakers agree on tough gun control bill
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04/02/2013 9:22AM
It's progress.
These are tentative baby steps in the right direction. Keeping weapons out of the hands of unstable people is a sign of a healthy society, no matter how many military-grade assault weapons Psychotic Wayne and his redneck posse want to flood our streets with.
04/02/2013 9:55AM
They won't work just like the hundredes of laws on the books already. They only make it rough on legal firearm owners.
04/02/2013 10:11AM
Stop the NRA
They're America's enemy. They promote gun violence and crime because it generates more gun sales and fattens the bottom line of the people they really represent (hint: it ain't you)
04/02/2013 10:02PM
WBEN is the WORST radio station in Western New York!
I wish you guys will go off the air because of that gun control garbage you guys been talking about it for months since December. I will NOT listen to WBEN Again!
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