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"What's Your Report for Terry Pegula?"
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04/02/2013 5:53PM
What's Your Report for Terry Pegula?
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04/03/2013 7:58AM
Darcy should be out of chances for building a team. This guy has done nothing and yet he is still in command of now dismantling the mess he created for future draft picks. It's like watching that movie 'Groundhog Day' over and over and over and over and over...
04/03/2013 8:36AM
Trade big
I feel Terry Pegula has gone the full measure and beyond with his ownership of the Sabres. He has done more than any owner in their history and has kept his promises to the team and fans. Unfortunate that the team totally let him and us down. Trade big. I would basically fire the entire team except for a few hard workers and basically start over. "Fan favorites" like Pominville have become lazy. Like Connelly, some are playing now because trade deadlines are here and contracts are up.Pegula A Team D-
04/03/2013 9:59AM
Pegula gets a "D' .
As a buisnessman Pegula does alright for himself. As a Sports team owner , he stinks . Both his teams ( Sabres , Bandits ) are at the bottom of their respectve leagues . The Sabres haven't been good in years . Ever since Pegula took over the Bandits , they have gone from first to worst . Thanks for nothing Terry .
04/03/2013 12:15PM
F for not getting rid of Darcy Regier. You can't just change players and coaches and not replace the GM. Everything needs replacing, especially him!
04/03/2013 2:20PM
Roger D.
Buffalo was lucky to have him join the community, very lucky and the sabres fans should be greatful !!!!
04/03/2013 5:09PM
average joe
please get rid of darcy. we need to aquire some top quality players to get to the cup. we need your help!!!
04/03/2013 10:50PM
He's been great for the city if his hockey world gets built? As owner of the Sabres he has been pitiful. By not letting the R & R show go two years ago he basically back to were he started, probably worse!
04/04/2013 4:38AM
Pegula too "nice" to own a good hockey team
Hockey is a tough sport and requires tough, gritty players - otherwise it's boring to watch. When Terry was fawning over Ruff and Darcy at his first press conference after he bought the team I KNEW we were in trouble. He has allowed "nice guys" to remain for too long and will probably surround himself with people like himself. Why is Darcy Regier still here???? Why is Gerby on the team - a gritty little player but this is not a circus sideshow.
04/04/2013 4:45PM
Not Pegula's fault
Pegula: A- It's not his fault the players quit. He's done nothing but dump money into the organization and community. That's what good owners do. A- for not getting rid of Regier yet, but maybe that's coming over the summer. Ted Black: B He answers questions truthfully and doesn't hide from them. Has been great with promotions and marketing. Darcy: D- Only reason he doesn't get an F is because he does get good value for players, but hasn't been able to pull of that big trade. Sabres overall are have ALWAYS done well at drafting and developing great young talent. He just hasn't kept the right guys around when we needed them (Peca, Campbell, Drury, Briere, etc...) Not always his fault due to ownership, but it's time for a new regime. Rolston: D Not effective, just a stop gap till we find a new, permanent head coach. He's in a tough spot, and might be a good HC someday, just don't want him here, right now.
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