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"Toughest In The Nation: Conn., Colorado & NY Gun Laws"
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04/04/2013 6:14AM
Toughest In The Nation: Conn., Colorado & NY Gun Laws
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04/04/2013 8:10AM
35 billion dollars annually! The inconsistencies among the gun fetish crowd are revealing: they opposed the Constitution regarding "ground zero" (it wasn't) "mosque" (it wasn't) yet say they're loyal to the 2nd Amendment for "patriotic" reasons (cough) ... they angrily hold up misspelled signs opposing any government investments yet want to blow the budget on psychotic Wayne's crackpot proposal. No wonder you're not taken seriously. Back to your Limbaugh for more orders and commands!
04/04/2013 8:26AM
he writes of marching orders, yet let's liberal rage rule his every post
04/04/2013 10:02AM
A more cost effective method:
Common sense weapons-safety legislation. Reducing the flood of weapons in the streets may cut into the profits of the gun industry that the NRA represents but it would save lives. Put the $35 billion annually to better use.
04/04/2013 10:07AM
Lets not let's
Let's means "let us". And it's awesome how the 'bagger accuses others of "rage" but supports Carl Paladino unconditionally.
04/04/2013 10:10AM
Speaking of Constitutional scholars
Republicans in North Carolina want to establish a state religion. Has Overlord Limbaugh commanded you to approve of the proposal yet?
04/04/2013 10:56AM
It's really a no-brainer. Americans overwhelmingly reject the idiocy of the 9 percenters, the lunatic fringe.
04/04/2013 4:31PM
Facts vs. Feelings
By now you saw that ditzy Democrat law maker demonstrating how she doesn't know one thing about what she needs to be illegal, same goes for no nothing Liberals who comment here with their goofy stupid drivel when they haven't got a clue as to what their bashing, they function on feelings and emotions and thing that never come into play are oath breaking Democrats who swore to uphold and defend our Constitution, that pesky 1st and 4th amendment that also hinder advancement of their agenda and just plain basic freedom and the rapid loss we're experiencing daily. In other words you Liberals are very wrong, simple as that.
04/04/2013 4:49PM
People Kill People, Not Guns!
Can you anti-Limbaugh people prove he is wrong? If guns kill people do erasers make mistakes? Knives, forks, spoons, bats, clubs, bricks, books or any thing can be an assault weapon. In prison they use tooth brushes. Let's get real and blame the right source..... people kill people. Let's ban that car you're driving or how about your golf clubs.
04/06/2013 10:53AM
Shorter "People Kill People"
If (NRA poster child) Adam Lanza had gone into that classroom with a toothbrush instead of an assault weapon, the carnage would have been the same.
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