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"Buffalo Toy Gun Exchange Today"
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04/05/2013 8:38AM
Buffalo Toy Gun Exchange Today
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04/05/2013 8:51AM
Toy gun turn in
I applaud any effort to protect our kids from violence. However, I don't see this program being as effective as Mr. Lane expects. How many kids will turn in a toy gun just to get another toy? How many kids will use their fingers or sticks to be guns? Maybe the First Amendment SHOULD be next. Then we can ban violent video games, songs that glorify violence, contact sports! Society blames the weapon for violent behavior. How about society blaming society? Enforcing the laws already on the books instead of making more would be more effective. Besides some of the new laws were not thoroughly thought through(Gov. Cuomo)before being passed.
04/05/2013 10:20AM
It's crazed Liberalism plain and simple
If by chance you know someone who votes for Liberal Democrats just realize they're voting for a party that's been co-opted by radical Liberalism. These current Democrats are nothing like your fathers Democrats as this current batch is so hell bent on advancing a Liberal socialist "transformation" of the America we once knew that they've become certifiably crazed and borderline insane with their insaciable hunger for a one world government. Communism has failed miserably every time it's been tried but they won't stop trying. Ask someone who fled a communist regime and came here what they see unfolding with this Obama regime. You need to snap out of it people and see things as they really are and not how Democrats want you to believe they are. Nazi doctor and famous butcher Joseph Mengele said it best "The more we do to you the less you believe we're doing it"
04/05/2013 1:35PM
I was a kid and we played cops and robbers and army cowboys and indians. Its not the toy guns its the parents not teaching their kids right from wrong.
04/05/2013 7:41PM
The pussification of America continues
04/05/2013 9:08PM
The progressive movement at its best
This is an absolute joke, you people should be ashamed!
04/06/2013 8:43AM
This is just plain stupid
Instead of the toy guns how 'bout we have a trade-in your antipsychotic drugs that fuel the events of Dec. 14th for 'safer' alternatives rather than pass more laws to disarm the general public? Why don't we call more attention to that problem? Oh! that's right because big pharma wouldn't like that at all.
04/06/2013 11:03AM
Ready to exchange...
The argument is that no good can come from kids playing with guns (which is a broad conclusion that they are inherently bad), and that something like a basketball or golf club might lead to a professional career like a Tiger Woods. Apparently, professional shooters don't exist? My kids aspire to be the next Jerry Miculek or Bob Munden. Either ignorance or bigotry is being evidenced here. Maybe I'll have my kids bring in sticks they found in the woods that are "L" shaped and have been playing cops & robbers with in exchange them for some better sports equipment like a baseball bat.
04/06/2013 3:31PM
Push Forward
This is a great idea. Eventually any child growing up will never pick a gun up to defend this spirally spinning spineless country we now live in. Love it, Third world here we come. No future defenders of a Constitution because you can count it gone already. Love it.
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