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"VIDEO: Capitol Park Grass Before & During Gun Protest"
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04/05/2013 12:46PM
VIDEO: Capitol Park Grass Before & During Gun Protest
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04/05/2013 12:57PM
josh K
The is The People's lawn. And they assembled peacefully upon it.
04/05/2013 2:47PM
Bo Hunter
looks like 4,000 - 4,500 people, not the 10,000 WBEN has been reporting.
04/05/2013 4:42PM
$60,000 to repair?
just throw some grass seed on it like everyone else does! This isn't a football field, yea go ahead and waste some more tax dollars on BS! Someone pockets are being lined again!!!
04/05/2013 4:46PM
30k for sod? 30k to put new sod down? Expensive strip of land! That being said, this was a terribly weak rally
04/06/2013 8:33AM
To Bo Hunter and Jay
It wasn't a weak rally Jay if you were there instead of sitting on your Lib behind you would know and Bo Hunter this is just shots of that area and it was more like 10,000 some people didn't stay all day and some people came later and some people didn't get right in the middle of the big group.Love the dumb Lib comments the best you can come up with,looks more like 4000-4500 not 10,000 or weak rally.What have you done for your cause lately or do you even have one????Libtards go drink some more Fool Aid and listen to some more government paid main stream media
04/06/2013 9:09AM
Send bill to cuomo. He caused it.
04/06/2013 2:32PM
If you weren't there read this.....
Amazing how many believe what they see and what they're told. 1st there was ~12,000 ( /- 500) participants at the rally's peak. The number came from estimators that do this for a living (so many people per sqyd x # sqyds, etc). 10 pictures thrown about the news & local media, all taken at different times, all showed differing volumes of people. Secondly, everyone aboard the 5 buses we hired chipped in whatever we could to send Andy a check to cover the damages, in order to avoid exactly what the media did - blame us for the damage and question the integrity of the patriots who took a stand for YOUR rights that day. Wonder if they worried about at the Boston Tea Party or if they ever got reimbursed for removal of the dead bodies from Gettysburg. Hell even when they do get the check they won't tell you about it anyway. Y'know what - I was there that day & I don't even have a gun - I was there protesting the gov'ts attempt to take away your constitutional rights. We won that day but they'll be back. Hope you're ready. When they get the guns, next grab will be your 401K's, then your son's & daughters in their wars, then YOU. Read the 3rd reich - it's happening all over again
04/07/2013 7:45AM
llib retlas
just grass roots people doing what their allowed by law to do.....get your regular lawn maintenance guy,roll it when it's dry....and let a few days of sunshine fix it.....cost....maintenance-12 bucks an hour to the illegal immigrant....$4.32,for gas in the people owned lawn tractor = $16.32....period!!!
04/08/2013 8:28AM
Double Standard?
Just make sure we see pictures right after Muslim Day at The Capitol Apr. 30th. Muslims from all over the state complete with prayer rugs are invited to spend a day on that same lawn and you just know the place will be crawling with their mother earth loving supporters that tend to leave tons of filth garbage and usual destruction anytime 10 or more gather.
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