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"Attorney: Use Anti-Anxiety Meds, Lose Pistol Permit"
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04/09/2013 12:41PM
Attorney: Use Anti-Anxiety Meds, Lose Pistol Permit
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04/09/2013 2:45PM
total abuse of power
Whoever instigated the removal of the pistol permits of these people should be prosecuted for it. It's a total abuse of power on so many levels it's mindboggling. If the permit holder was doing something against the law it's one thing to suspend the permit after due process but this is Big Brother at it's worst. I hope they sue the living daylights out of the entire cast of weasels that put this into play.
04/09/2013 3:32PM
I am sure if someone checked, that there are a lot of police officers in this state that are taking anti-anxiety meds. Certainly, there are many who suffer from PTSD. Before the NY State Police checks the medical records for the public, they should check their own people. If being on anti-anxiety meds makes people too dangerous to own a firearm, then they will have to disarm their own.
04/09/2013 5:25PM
Need to here both sides.
I agree with all that['s been said but, I gotta hope that there is more to this. With all due respect to the attorney,it is his/her job to present client as an angel. I'm hoping that this is not the case, othwerwise, New York f'd even worse than I thought. Iscthois an Orwellian case of 'neighbor' talking to BIG BROTHER??!!
04/09/2013 6:07PM
Not only is this tyranny, but people will stop asking for help. Did these people seek help voluntarily? If they did maybe they should be exempt from this new rule.
04/09/2013 6:14PM
i can't believe this!!!
what's the source? how did the police find out the person was on anti-anxiety drugs? and who cares? do you know how many people are on anti-anxiety drugs? if we take away everyones guns that are on anti-anxiety, anti-depressents, etc then about1/3 of the population won't be allowed to have guns. and yes, that includes the police officers! many cops are on these drugs! maybe i do need to move out of NYS!
04/09/2013 7:09PM
You are soooooo right.
The Police need to police themselves. I have been saying that for a long time, there are plenty of cops on Meds but, God help anyone who says anything bad about the State Police. New York's sacred cow, the spoiled class.
04/09/2013 7:26PM
ALL participants in this action need to be sued for violation on the individual's Constitutional rights. _______________________________________________ "Those who are or have been in law enforcement know they can be sued in federal court under 42 USC 1983 if they violate a citizen’s Constitutional rights. These lawsuits are filed regularly. The Second Amendment is prominent on the list of “rights,” as is the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment — which makes vague laws unenforceable and unconstitutional. Ex post facto laws are also a violation of the Constitution, Article I, Sections 9 and 10. A police officer can be held personally liable for damages — as well as punitive damages — if he violates one’s Constitutional rights."
04/09/2013 7:55PM
04/09/2013 7:58PM
power to the people
Can't say it any clearer....BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING....YOU
04/09/2013 8:53PM
This is what happens when people allow "permits" to be required to exercise their Constitutional Right.
04/09/2013 9:36PM
arbitrary enforcement and no due process
Given that thousands of New Yorkers take these same medications and only a small fraction will be targeted by the state, that is arbitrary enforcement. Given there is no hearing or opportunity for someone to protest in any way to having their rights taken away, that is a lack of due process.
04/09/2013 10:36PM
Corroborating source?
Is there any way to corroborate? Say with an AP or Reuters story?
04/09/2013 10:42PM
i know a lot of soldiers in the army, and a few marines who take a lot of anti-anxiety meds, and still are permitted to handle and fire some big guns. even two them are snipers. a lot of new york street cops take syke meds to deal with there jobs.
04/09/2013 10:44PM
SCOTUS rules
Anxious =/= violent. Griswold v. CT and Roe v. Wade were both SCOTUS decisions that upheld the right to privacy, and specifically medical privacy, from the state.
04/09/2013 10:51PM
why stay here
and they say they have no desire or want to confiscate guns from anyone. making very hard to stay in this state! i stay because of family but i am in their ear about moving constantly. hopefully the all come to their senses soon. i agree, with both of you on abuse of power and checking police before the check citizens. hippa law was put into effect for a reason, the people that started breaking the law by going into other's medical records needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!
04/09/2013 11:58PM
Anti-anxiety Meds
To take someone's guns and permits for not violating the law but because they take anti-anxiety drugs , is discrimination and should be brought to the courts attention. No wonder I see so many N.Y. tags in Pa.
04/10/2013 1:48AM
Where is the due process? What have we become?
No person deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law...
04/10/2013 6:37AM
What do we really know?
I listened to the interview with Mr. Tresmond. The only fact he presented was the letter has client received that said as a result of an investigation by the State Police" his client's permit was suspended. No facts were presented as to why an investigation was initiated. It ver well could be that the police received a complaint, we just don't know. There were no facts presented as to the issue of anti-anxiety meds. Mr. Teesmond mentioned prescriptions for meds before surgery. If those meds were being misused for other purposes, that's a different story. Beyond the letter there are no other facts
04/10/2013 7:00AM
Right on! Dig the cops on meds first. A lot of them are on it!
04/10/2013 8:54AM
Meds are also used to:
enhance pain relief in people with chronic pain due to injuries. There are many out there being legitimately treated for pain by their regular physicians and by pain management specialists that are on these types of meds.
04/10/2013 9:14AM
the meds are what keeps people on a even keel, so because i was honest on my permit i get screwed, but if i lied i get screwed
04/10/2013 9:29AM
background check
this new gun background check is such a waste of time. so everytime i buy a gun i get a back ground check which is not gonna change if i dont committ a crime. so why should i pay for this everytime i buy a gun
04/10/2013 9:45AM
Watch what comes next...
Hang on to your hats, since they cannot outright ban guns they will be doing the next best thing they will have you labeled mentally/ emotionally challenged. This will give the gun grabbers all they need to take your guns and it will be near impossible to get them back without spending egregious amount of money on lawyers to help you. If you believe that there are not mental health professionals that will play along with this idea you are sadly mistake, you only have to look at you politicians and other elected officials to see how badly they want to take you 2nd amendment right away.
04/10/2013 10:48AM
Cuomo & Obama both lie...
We were told that the new laws only targeted criminals and not the law-abiding gun owners that go through the legal system and all it's hoops to own our guns. It appears we have been LIED to. AGAIN!!! What a surprise. I agree with the comment aboutpolice officers on meds, but I wouldn't hold your breath on that happening.
04/10/2013 10:56AM
HIPAA violation - not the state police
I believe information flow is this: Provider makes a 'NYSAFE' report to NYS Department of Health. The NYS DOH then releases the information to the NYS police. In this case both the provider and NYS DOH are likely violating HIPAA. The only permissible 'reporting' by a provider that can occur is for reporting about victims of abuse, neglect or domestic violence, and then only if, in the exercise of professional judgment, the provider believes the disclosure is necessary to prevent serious harm to the individual or other potential victims. HIPAA precludes the type of reporting required by 'NYSAFE' as something that can be 'required by law'). Unfortunately the only remedy provided by HIPAA in the event of such violations is to make a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services ( The Feds are now mandated by law to investigate such complaints, so I hope the folks impacted by this are filing them ....
04/10/2013 10:59AM
more to this
the man could have been suicidal and reported by relatives......we haven't heard the whole story yet..)'(
04/10/2013 11:16AM
What about the anxious people NOT using these meds?
When the doctor patient relationship no longer can be trusted, and patients who need these meds to get through temporary periods in thier lives don't seek help they need for fear of being labeled by thier governments, what then? What about when anxious or depressed people who may NEED the medications DON'T get them? Then there will be unmedicated, anxious, depressed, carrying thier weapons and certified to do so because they didn't go to the doctor. Where does the line get drawn? All these rules and regulations do is hurt the law abiding citizen who is trying to protect property, self, and family.
04/10/2013 12:12PM
who notified the NY State Police
Is it possible that someone who knew this person was/had been on the medication and does not like this person or wanted to get back at them over something then went and tipped off the NY State Police about the medication?
04/10/2013 1:16PM
Cuomo's Goon Squad
We are being treated to a sample of what Cuomo has in store for us. His State Police are no more than a de facto Goon Squad when they employ tactics like this. Andrew Cuomo is using the Bill Of RIGHTS of the USA as toilet paper when he allows such thingsto happen. It is not going to be pretty if they try this on some people.......
04/10/2013 2:32PM
Not all Anti-anxiety Medication is taken for psychological problems
Not all Anti-anxiety Medication is taken for psychological problems either. Some is taken for pain and neuropathy. So a diabetic with peripheral neuropathy could lose their C&C license as well.
04/10/2013 2:40PM
Adolf Hitler's playbook
Someone took a page right out of Hitler's playbook. Is it just me or does it seem like all the socialist sleeper cells in America are racing each other to see who can do the most damage to American society while the Narcisist in Chief is smiling over his money grabbing hoards?
04/10/2013 2:50PM
One if by land. Two if by sea.
TO ARMS! TO ARMS! THE SOCIALISTS ARE COMING! THE SOCIALISTS ARE COMING! Here we go folks. Time to shed blood for liberty again.
04/10/2013 5:02PM
Confiscation WAS in the first draft of S.A.F.E
This is a trial balloon. If there is no push back, they WILL go further. When are we the citizenry of this state, this nation going to say you(the government) have gone too far?
04/10/2013 5:25PM
Communist, overtaxed, Big Brother state. Time to move.
Communist, overtaxed, Big Brother state. Time to move.
04/10/2013 5:49PM
Cuomo, liberal fascist
Many of our political leaders seem to be confused about what their true relationship is with the citizenry of this country as it was founded. They are not our "Daddy", but merely our employees. Government doesn't grant our freedoms, nor are said freedoms subject to the tyranny of the mob. Governments' job is to secure our rights not bestow or renege on them at a whim. Their disregard and failure to respect our inalienable rights and laws will lead to mass civil disobedience, chaos, and if need be, revolution. Those who wish to infringe upon the rights of law abiding citizens better take heed, we will not comply!
04/10/2013 7:19PM
Another angle
Since no one has mentioned the fact that most of the devastating shootings that have happened in recent years were committed by those who were taking anti-depressants. This includes Columbine & Virginia Tech. The medical examiner won't release the medical records of Adam Lanza.
04/10/2013 10:23PM
The Demcrats plan on taking guns
look at the Martinez video about a gun ban sign. he says you will need that sign later.
04/10/2013 10:38PM
How did the State Police get info to act on this? Electronic medical records cross matched with permit records? You can't even do that to welfare frauders!
04/11/2013 6:25AM
You are being Gaslighted
Make no mistake. ANY politician who introduces, supports, or votes for ANY gun control is either uninformed and uneducated on the subject or is knowingly violating our Second Amendment rights. Either way, whether an idiot or a traitor, THEY NEED TO BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE. Make sure they know, each and every day through an e-mail, a call or a letter that YOU ARE WATCHING THEIR EVERY MOVE on the gun issue.
04/11/2013 2:18PM
NY voters
Cuomo & Obama both lie... Gee and NYS was a "blue state" yet again. All you NY's must be on those meds...Houston, Texas.
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