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"USPS Backs Down on Saturday Delivery"
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04/10/2013 11:18AM
USPS Backs Down on Saturday Delivery
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04/10/2013 2:46PM
Something's strangely missing from this piece ...
How did the USPS find itself in this spot in the first place? Was it maybe because the GOP poison-pilled them in 2006, requiring that they pre-fund their pension plans for 75 years over the next ten, which no other public or private entity has ever had to do? No wonder the GOP's approval ratings are what they are. Keep it up right wing media.
04/11/2013 8:25AM
twice a week !
bring me my mail on a Monday and a Friday and I am not missing anything what idiot needs jumk mail every day ?
04/11/2013 2:20PM
Let UPS or FEDEX delivery the mail, they'll be much more efficent at it.
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