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"Jacobs: Wrong Person Told To Turn In Guns"
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04/11/2013 8:01AM
Jacobs: Wrong Person Told To Turn In Guns
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04/11/2013 8:19AM
Oh so vary par
That's right up there with that dumb ditzy Conn. Democrat spending the better part of a decade trying to ban (high cap magazines) and we find she never even knew what they were. They have no idea what they're doing but they're crazed and hell bent on doing it, they need to be stopped.
04/11/2013 9:16AM
Why is there no mention of where the State Police obtained there information regarding this persons mental health? How was it was obtained?
04/11/2013 11:06AM
This will happen again
I hope that the people involved in giving the wrong information to the pistol permit office are hung out to dry. This is a violation of the Bill of Rights that will happen again in their zeal to villify gun owners. If this is not stopped or dealt with atonce it will continue to happen. Honest law abiding citizens are being made into criminals by the idiots in charge.
04/11/2013 11:58AM
chris jacobs
why did the state police go to chris jacobs? because he's the one who gave them the information in the first place.
04/11/2013 12:11PM
Total and utter incompetence from our idiot governor down to the office drones in Erie County. And some heads should roll in the State Police ranks. Yes, where did they obtain health records of private citizens?
04/11/2013 1:03PM
Why Are We Surprised?
Prince Andrew has made clear that he has a personal (taxpayer funded) team at his beck and call. This, you people, is the result.
04/11/2013 1:23PM
Find the Source
As someone who has knowledge of the inner workings of the New York State Police, my take is that this "mistake" was ordered by someone in Division headquarters. The first thing would be to find the source of the order. How high up the chain of command did this originate? My guess is that this is on a par with the illegal investigations conducted during the short lived Spitzer regime. Secondly, the so-called mistake implys that there was another person who was the intended subject of the revocation. Does such a person exist? Thirdly, it is certainly suspicious that the person now identified as David Lewis, had in fact been prescribed psychotropic drugs. What a coincidence that the person fingered by mistake actually had one, but not both of the components that made him a target of revocation of his permit. It suggests that the "mistake" maker did have some illegal knowledge of Lewis' medical history and of the medical history of a real subject, if any. Fourth, an indepentent investigation should be demanded. It should not be conducted by a Cuomo appointee, nor be anyone connected with the bought and paid for legislature. This conduct is criminal and tryanical in character. It must not be allowed to just evaporate.
04/11/2013 4:14PM
Absolutely frusterating, what a waste of taxpayer money first off. I think it's funny that these people wont even allow you to protect yourself anymore. I am worried to report any of my weapons to the state because I had prior arrests involving alcohol. One would think that it has nothing to do with owning a gun, but I really wouldn't like to find out. This state is so messed up, when is this safe act going to hit the supreme court? Can these law officials obtain a person's medical records on their own or would you have to sign a release when applying for a pistol permit/federal background check?
04/11/2013 4:23PM
Weasel words
Well then - the nysp provided inaccurate information to both the Erie County Clerk and thereby to a ny state supreme court judge - who clearly acted without thought. Swell. 'Best part is the victim in this whole thing was MAILED a letter to surrender the guns that were registered - seven in all. What about the XXX (number) of long guns the fellow might have owned ? If this activity followed the letter of HIPAA etc, and this man was actually an "iminent threat to himself or others" - is the mail a proper response ? Is leaving him with (possibly) long guns still in his posession sensible ? Finally then - where did the nysp obtain information to forward to Erie County ?
04/11/2013 4:39PM
You go Chris
Go for the Gold Chris, Squeeze the hell out of these nut cases out of Albany. They have no concience when squeezing law abiding people.As for Cuomos private army (state police)You need to uphold the oath that you took when you graduated.
04/11/2013 4:50PM
Wrong Person?
As part of a college assignment we were required to do a Google Search on ourselves, I found 6 living people, 1 in NY State and 3 deceased besides myself, the search results actually gave a map to each home. When an Uncle had a heart attack, he was prescribed a psychotropic drug to help calm his heart rate. What are the chances someone so prescribed such with the same name can trigger the NY safe act and cause such a confiscation?
04/11/2013 5:32PM
Drivers License
Will they be suspending drivers license's next
04/11/2013 6:51PM
OK. I'm calling for an immediate investigation. How long can you folks hold your breath? LOL
04/11/2013 9:48PM
Can anyone say HIPAA Security Act violation? Why isn't the media asking the pertinent questions? Who ordered this? Which medical facility or pharmacy illegally divulged sensitive medical information? How is taking anxiety medication linked to an individual being potentially dangerous to him/herself, requiring a response from the state police? I now know the identity of this guy and his private information is splashed across the six- o'clock news. This wasn't a "mistake." This was an experiment by the state to see what they can get away with and how society will react. Apparently, "King Andrew" decides not only which guns we can own, how many bullets they can have and now, who can own them! It appears clear to me, that David Lewis has a Jim Dandy of a lawsuit against the state and certain medical professionals.
04/12/2013 1:11AM
Govermnet gone wild
This is just the beginning of "mistakes" when we put our trust in the government to know what is best for us. Their zeal will step all over law abiding citizens.
04/12/2013 9:17AM
Take a page from the liberal playbook
This is a time to sue. HIPPA was violated and the law should be taken to court for it's clear violation of the Constitution. The judge is a medical moron. He has no qualifications to determine the drugs pharmacology. Why not take away steak knives, baseball bats and bricks as they can be just as deadly. Take them to court and beat them with their own "LAW" If not what's next will really be a horror.
04/12/2013 11:35AM
Normal Government
This does not surprise me at all, finally more ppl are seeing that cops are the enemy of ALL ppl, not just the so called bad guys. DO NOT TRUST ANY GOVERNMENT WORKER!
04/12/2013 12:02PM
read this Act
read this act and you will no what there up too. go to your computer and punch in the National Defence Authorization act s.1867. Wikipedia.org under Articles. look at Hedges vs Obama this case will blow your mind.
04/12/2013 8:33PM
Drones, email surveillance and guns...
So many people today are willing to give up their 2nd Amendment rights without a fight. What happens when Big Brother wants to take away your 1st Amendment rights? Fourth Amendment rights are being trashed now on a daily basis with nary a whimper from the public because a complicit mainstream media has decided to remain silent. The NSA will be opening their gigantic electronic storage facility this year: "Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital “pocket litter.” Our rights are being detroyed and most Americans are asleep, or they're willing to trade those rights for a free "Obama-phone." http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/03/ff_nsadatacenter/ https://www.eff.org/nsa-spying http://www.nsawatch.org/eaves101.html http://wethepeople09171787.blogspot.com/2011/07/amendments-1-10-bill-of-rights.html
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