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"State Police Issue Response to Pistol Permit Flap"
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04/11/2013 3:32PM
State Police Issue Response to Pistol Permit Flap
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04/11/2013 4:11PM
Why then did the nysp notify the Erie County Clerk Office ?
Well then. On what basis did the nysp notify the Erie County Clerk Office ? They can reiterate their whole line of baloney they forwarded to the County - and perhaps the County should have received clarification - but the question reamins. Why was anyone notified by the nysp ?
04/11/2013 5:32PM
Talk about spin
Who ever wrote and approved of the release of this statement must believe the public is terribly gullible. They screwed up big time and should come forward and own up to it. Seems they are taking lessons from team Obama
04/11/2013 5:51PM
Law and Order
Time for Erie County to produce the correspondence sent to them by the State Police. Something smells.
04/11/2013 5:51PM
Why aren't the State Police Investigating?
So now the HIPPA Laws are null and void? Are County Clerks required to investigate for the State Police? If the County Clerk knocks on the door of a pistol permit holder and the guy says "I don't know what you're talking about I'm not on any anti anxiety medicine" "let me see your proof. Are the State Police sending along their paperwork from the doctor?
04/11/2013 6:11PM
Sue the liberal fascists
Sue every state and local entity, from the Governor on down,for violation of this person's civil rights. Do not let up, do not allow them a plea deal that the State wasn't at fault. Demand repeal of this illegal law passed in the dead of night without the mandatory 3 day waiting period for legislative debate and public input. Do not allow this liberal fascist tyranny to go unaswered and unpunished.
04/11/2013 9:05PM
this was a trial run
I believe the New York State Police pulled this little stunt as a trial run for larger confiscation measures. They are trying to villify guns and gun owners as dangerous lunatics that need to be made to go away. The new $500 snitch reward will draw unwarranted reports of the misuse of guns to line some peoples pockets. The snitches will make up stories to make money and have peoples guns taken away. Big Brother is waiting to stiff us all....
04/11/2013 10:26PM
Post the Original Letter to Erie County
The public needs to realize that EVERY member of the State Police above the rank of sergeant, is to some degree, a politician. Because of the need to curry favor to secure upward mobility in appointed positions, you can be certain that the upper management is rife with "yes-people." They are not cops, but bureaucrats with agendas and they tightly control the decisions. The most recent interview with Mr. Jacobs of the Erie Co. Clerks office revealed that he received a call from a State Police sergeant. We can be certain that person was not the originator of the order. Nevertheless, he or she would be a good starting point for an investigation. The assertion that the order to suspend Lewis' pistol permit was merely a mistake, is just plain untruthful. There was a reason that Mr. Lewis' name even existed in any State Police data base other than as a pistol permit holder. Otherwise, we would be left with the statistically absurd likelihood that one pyschoactive drug patient was substituted for another, and both were permit holders, simply by chance. Additionally, the statement claims that "additional follow-up" and "due diligence" was required on the part of Erie County prior to suspension. This extralegal and arrogant assignment of tasks by the state notwithstanding; Is there another person by the same name residing in Erie County? Has another suspendee now been identified in Erie County? Were both the county clerk and the state supreme court justice unclear as to the identity of the person named in the state police correspondence when they imposed the suspension? I have a pistol permit, and don't believe there was any ambiguity as to my personal information as filed with the county and state prior to issuance, so I can not believe any ambiguity existed here. The State Police intentionally fingered Mr. Lewis for permit suspension, the county complied as required, and that is it. The failure here lies in Albany at either State Police HQ, or the Capital, or both. Now back to appointed positions within the State Police; the ultimate appointee (code for bureaucrat) is the Superintendent. Appointed by Governor Cuomo, the new superintendent is every bit a vested in the ironically named "SAFE Act" as is the governor. They are attached at the hip. Sadly, neither seems to be particularly vested in liberty nor the US Constitution. The agenda here is government control. Unfortunately for Mr. Lewis, he drew the winning number in the New York State big brother lottery. One can only hope for all our sakes that his attorney succeeds. Corruption is apparently not confined to New York City politics.
04/11/2013 10:53PM
State Police putting blame where it doesn't belong.
According to Erie County Clerk he was following THEIR directive. At no time was he told it was up to him to pursue looking into this person further. The blame is on the State Police NOT Erie County. Period! And where did they get the information that the named person was on this drug?? His Doctor? As usual the State is twisting the facts.
04/12/2013 11:31AM
it's a shame that our own tax money is being used to pay others to disarm us and violate our rights.
04/12/2013 11:36AM
Cuomo's Posse
Again Commrade Cuomo is using politics to get his minions to follow his agenda,no matter how much it infringes on peoples rights
04/12/2013 12:31PM
04/12/2013 12:38PM
Retired Tpr/ disabled fighting the war on crime
the Ivory tower is at it again. (DIVISION HQ. IS THE IVORY TOWER) More accurate description of the tower or Div HQ is "THE SNAKE PIT"
04/12/2013 12:50PM
John Jay
Not only is it time to recall Andrew Cuomo but it time to set the record strength. Cuomo and his scum need to be DRIVEN from office, on a rail if necessary, tarred and feathered, then put in a ditch. The NYSP superintendent should be among the ones in that same ditch. They have abused the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. They are traitors and should be dealt with as such. There was a time when traitors where hung.
04/12/2013 1:06PM
Good God America.....................WAKE UP...........The sins of history are staring you in the face...........reclaim our country from those whom would take away our rights and heritage!
04/12/2013 4:53PM
Living in fear
As all rights are being curtailed, we find ourselves living in fear that our homes are no longer the castle of protection, our property is no longer our own, our salaries belong to welfare families and HIPA laws can be violated by whosoever wants to fishfor information. This is the definition of tyranny and Cuomo should be removed and prosecuted as a domestic terrorist.
04/12/2013 4:53PM
Living in fear
As all rights are being curtailed, we find ourselves living in fear that our homes are no longer the castle of protection, our property is no longer our own, our salaries belong to welfare families and HIPA laws can be violated by whosoever wants to fishfor information. This is the definition of tyranny and Cuomo should be removed and prosecuted as a domestic terrorist.
04/12/2013 5:47PM
The Time is Now
Oust Prince Andrew!
04/12/2013 9:45PM
Do NOT Trust NYS Police !!!
Until we the people can see ALL Medical records of NYS Troopers, OUR Employees, I urge All New Yorkers to refuse to obey these tyrants, The Trooper pulling you over may very well be on Medication & Should IMMEDIATELY Surrender his or her weapons, Furthermore, Any Hackers out there who can gain access to State Police Medical Records should publish them online so we know who were dealing with, This also includes State Representatives including Mario (HITLER) Cuomo. This is Not Yet Germany, We Need to rise up NOW, Before its too Late.
04/12/2013 10:03PM
Changing vision
I have now lost all faith in NYSP. In the past I always saw them as the higher standard... no more. Want to impress me... wear a Sheriffs badge.
04/13/2013 2:08AM
concerned citizen
I believe the state government was fishing to see what the fall out would be and didn't anticipate the reaction. They should all be investigated
04/13/2013 2:56PM
I dont get why the Clerk did anything in the first place. Erie County Legislature condemned the law and Clerk is on record as saying he is against the law. How is a county clerk obligated to "follow directives" of the NYSP? The county clerk cant pull pistol permits anyway. Only the issuing judge can, right?
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