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Ranzenhofer Adds Name to NYSAFE Repeal Bill

Batavia, NY (WBEN) State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer has added his name to those sponsoring legislation calling for the repeal of the NYSAFE Act.

"When a bill is rushed to passage withour proper review by the public and then passed in the middle of the night, the end result has a negative result on residents," says Ranzenhofer. "Since the NYSAFE Act was passed, I have heard frm many concerned citizens, mental health professionals, county clerks and local government officials with very serious concerns about this new law."

Ranzenhofer has written a letter to State Police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico asking for a meeting to discuss reports State Police may have been instructed to investigate personal medical records for mental health cases and prescriptions for such issues.

Ranzenhofer adds he's planning on introducing new legislation in the Senate to prevent law enforcement from accessing medical records without a warrant or in violation of HIPPA laws.

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