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"State Senator Tweets About Torturing Tsarnaev"
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04/22/2013 11:20AM
State Senator Tweets About Torturing Tsarnaev
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04/22/2013 12:06PM
From Jim B
Where can I contribute to his re-election. The scumbag killed and maimed in the name of Allah who insists on an Eye for an Eye
04/22/2013 12:50PM
Typical wingnut.
That's how those people roll. Speaking of which, let's hope this week is better than last for the right wing media. Alex Jones, Rupert Murdoch, Glenn Beck and the rest of the usual gang didn't exactly cover themselves in glory did they.
04/22/2013 12:51PM
This was Columbine not jihad.
If you're tempted to believe anything coming from a neocon, you need to check out The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
04/22/2013 1:36PM
Response to torture tweet
I agree with the Senator. These scumbags use our own rules against us and we are stupid enough to let them.
04/22/2013 1:39PM
I think Muslims respond to "An eye for an eye".
So Jahar launched nails and BBs into several innocent people, blew out several eardrums and killed 4 people. So he tortured Americans with all this, and we can pour a little water up his nose? That's Bull!
04/22/2013 3:27PM
RE This was Columbine not jihad.
That's something these right-wing idiots (redundant) refuse to see ... of course, Foxnews is pushing the "islamofascist" (there's a word only stupid people use) narrative so of course the little wingnuts go along obediently.
04/22/2013 3:29PM
You might want to educate your followers on the difference between Czech and Chechen. There seems to be some confusion among the easily-led.
04/22/2013 3:30PM
About Time
To you all that disagree.Wait till its your son, daughter, husband or wife.Water board him, electrify his nads, isolation for a year in a 10 x 10 cell with no windows.Are you all nuts?! If he and his group had his way, all of us infidels would be killed. No, lets get him a slot on MSNBC with Chris Mathews. Yeah, he can then tell us how bad we all are.You all need to get your heads out of your ash.
04/22/2013 3:48PM
Maybe he drank a 64-ounce soda
(Tears, bo hoo), maybe, (tears, bo hoo) he was just (tears, bo hoo) misunderstood. Maybe he didn't have a village (idiot) to take care of him. Oh, woe is him. To all you freaks out there. Hey, try and adopt this killer, and tell us how he is really a good person! Are you kidding me? This is just more confirmation about my AR 15. Hey Boston Freak. Escape, and come round here. Judge, jury, executioner.
04/22/2013 5:04PM
Nice sophisticated intelligent audience you get from broadcasting Limbaugh and Hannity. Pretty embarrassing, isn't it. You must be pleased.
04/23/2013 1:25PM
Ball needs to resign right now.
Our public servants pledge to uphold the Constitution, not dismiss it. He's all too symptomatic of the national cancer known as the right wing.
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