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"Top Ranked HS Quarterback Charged in Cabbie Murder"
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04/24/2013 11:35AM
Teen Charged in Cabbie Murder
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04/24/2013 3:04PM
Big Surprise
Oh my god he's black, I never would have guessed. These savages need to get sent back to the jungle.
04/24/2013 7:17PM
I am shocked this would happen, what causes you to do that, this could probably would have gotten a scholarship and had a chance to do something with his life.
04/24/2013 11:53PM
cab fare
The cabbie probably asked him to pay the fare. Obviously the kid must have thought the cabbie disrespected him for not knowing who he was and asking him to pay for the fare. Well most of these self entitled athletes start with petty crimes but recently they have been charged with rape and murder. Well he can hopefully spend the rest of his life finding the lord or maybe becoming a muslim. Its a shame a promsing life cut short another one ended. Maybe instead of fighting worthless wars overseas our leaders could send the army into the poorest sections of every major American city and clean out the gangs and drug dealers so any hardworking people can live in peace.
04/25/2013 2:02PM
Drugs ???
Did the police do a drug test for steroids. Sounds like a hard night of partying with ecstacy, pot, coke, meth topped with anabolic steroids.
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