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"Attorney: Records Show State Police Targeted Man for Loss of Pistol Permit"
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04/24/2013 3:48PM
Attorney: Records Show State Police Targeted Man for Loss of Pistol Permit
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04/24/2013 4:15PM
The "Fat Lady"..
She's starting to warm up her voice for NYS.
04/24/2013 4:24PM
Gee, why doesn't this kind of illegal lawlessness by New York State suprise me. Time for Cuomo to go voters better get smart next election, what's next.
04/24/2013 4:44PM
We are living in a police state!
We are having our rights taken, the terrorists are an excuse,the facsists are winning.
04/24/2013 5:06PM
cuomo/d'amico should step down or be terminated immediately!! Their abhorrent disregard for the US Constitution and we citizens means they are unfit to serve.
04/24/2013 5:17PM
Impeach NYS Gov. NOW!
It is hard to believe that we have arrived at the point where the basic rights, for which this Nation has stood for almost 250 years, are under attack from within. The conspirators should be expelled from office for brtraying the public's trust.
04/24/2013 10:19PM
State Police Lying
If one can not trust the State Police, who then can we trust. Oh yes, our Sheriff, the peoples police not the Governors SS force and political hacks.
04/24/2013 10:19PM
They wrote the law,then they passed the law then they broke the law. They even left a paper trail to follow. If nobody goes to jail over this, then it Must be ok for me to break the law.either they are that arrogant, stupid Or just breaking the law all three you still go to jail.
04/24/2013 11:03PM
when laws of the land are broken , the perpetrators are arrested and tried in a court of law. NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW.
04/24/2013 11:37PM
Ashamed of my State
I am retired from the Service and have always defended my State from persons all around the world. I have always stated that NY State is beautiful,fair and contains well educated citizens..Now I have to change the whole actions of my very life.. The State has taken a step toward being a POLICE STATE like Nazi Germany because of the actions of a power hungry Governor and overly demanding Mayor of our largest city NYC. These persons have insulted every Serviceman who has represented our State in the Service of our Country, they have also insulted every hunter/sportsman and law abideing citizen who have never broken a law all so that the Gov. can make a name for himself at the expense of the entire State..
04/24/2013 11:40PM
Why should your staff review my comments. By reviewing you deprive me of my 1st Ammendment rights to speak my mind regardless of what you personnally believe in. If I post something that threatens anothers life then file charges against me and I shall bearrested, otherwise if I offend someone because they are hard core left and I being on the right we will lock horns and battle verbally but that is our right.
04/24/2013 11:53PM
Impeach Commandant Cuomo!
Impeach Commandant Cuomo! This man is dangerous, power-hungry, and needs to be removed from office!
04/25/2013 12:44AM
This is so wrong and so scary!
04/25/2013 4:41AM
ny state un safe act
thank god for the people in the front lines of this battle.state police top brass liars.plain and simple,liars.this type of arrogance and abuse of power is the reason the second ammendment was granted to us by our wise forefathers!the arrogance of the cuomo administration is unbelievable.we never had this type of trouble until he elected himself king.
04/25/2013 9:19AM
Mr Alan Wheaton
When are the state troopers going to be reminded that they work for WE THE PEOPLE and not the tyrant cuomo. WE THE PEOPLE are the ones that pay them!
04/25/2013 12:21PM
Business as Usual
Amazing how only two men... Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg.... can be such despots, and the rest of the state falls in line with their Agenda. Do we have anyone of courage left to stand up to these two bullies?
04/25/2013 12:24PM
CPS Does the Same Thing
This type of thing has been going on with CPS and Animal Control, they target specific people (homeschoolers, animal rights activists) take their children or animals away with no due process and then put their names up on an abuser site.... all without atrial, much less a conviction. Then we wonder why these people are on welfare... Hello the corrupt system has ruined them so they can't get a job!
04/25/2013 12:35PM
04/25/2013 1:36PM
We are only a short way from martial law. just look at the way ordinary citizens were ordered to stay in their homes and many were ordered out of their homes with their hands on their heads in the name of safety, during a search for a scumbag terrorist in Massachusetts. This type of action is forthcoming in NY State and all the other states as well. I hope the liberal supporters of these political criminals are first in line when they come kicking in the door!!
04/25/2013 1:45PM
Following Obama's lead
Cuomo is just following Obama's lead, they make laws for the serf's not for them. They are exempt because it for the "common good". Typical marxist/communist/progressive argument.
04/25/2013 1:57PM
Freedom is gone
Where are the follow up reports of the other supposed David Lewis from Orange County, the person they were really looking for?? TV reports have even stated there is a 3rd David Lewis that doesn't even have a pistol permit. Looks like a cover up by Prince Andrew. How about some national news coverage.
04/25/2013 2:25PM
The band is getting warmed up
Herr Cuomo has either gotta go or pay his own legal fees cause he just stepped in the mudhole up to his ears. The ny safe act is just another so called law to make Herr cuomo be something he wished were true a statesman, but as the story unfolds he is lower than a snake !!!!!!
04/25/2013 3:05PM
The New York State police are tentacles of their superintendent who in turn answers to Andrew "Mussolini" Cuomo.So although we pay them and they theoretically work for us,they are tyrannical criminals.Cuomo and Bloomberg are domestic terrorists.
04/25/2013 9:16PM
ny state What act?
With some of the most restrictive gun laws in the entire USA, why does the second generation tax and spend governor feel that we need more laws? Criminals, by definition, do not obey laws. Maybe the existing laws would prove to be more than enough, ifthey were enforced, not just made because, "Someone should do something." I doubt the allegations were made without sufficient legal proof. Registration, confiscation, subjugation.
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