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NFL Draft: Bills Want Change, Need QB

(WBEN) The Buffalo Bills pick at # 8 overall in the NFL Draft today, with all indications that they will select a quarterback.

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AP Sports Reporter John Wawrow
"Their intention is to draft a quarterback in the first or second round, and I'm pretty sure it will be the first round," says Associated Press Sports Reporter John Wawrow.

The first round of the draft will be tonight, with rounds 2 and 3 tomorrow, and the remaining rounds on Saturday. 

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The team released QB Ryan Fitzpatrick in March. Tarvaris Jackson, re-signed to a one-year contract earlier and had been the only experienced quarterback on Buffalo's roster, until they signed Kevin Kolb in early April

The team has had meetings with USC's Matt Barkley, and also put Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib  through a private workout, along with  four other Syracuse draft eligible players.

Nassib played under Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone for four years at Syracuse. And his offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at SU was the Bills current offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett.

 The Bills have been busy scouting nearly every quarterback prospect this offseason.

They've  also held private workouts with West Virginia's Geno Smith, Florida State's E.J. Manuel and Oklahoma's Landry Jones. Assistant GM Doug Whaley attended Southern California's pro day  where Trojans quarterback Barkley threw for the first time since hurting his shoulder in November.

Matt BarkleyNFL.com's Chris Wessling writes:

"Could the Bills be using Nassib's ties with former Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone as a smokescreen for their legitimate interest in a different quarterback?

SI.com's Peter King is hearing the Bills are "seriously targeting" USC's Matt Barkley. (right).

NFL.com's Albert Breer has also heard the Bills might have a higher grade on Barkley than Nassib."

The Bills own perhaps one of the most interesting picks in the draft. What they may choose to do -- or not do -- could be one of the most compelling decisions to be made in the first round.

Do they go quarterback? Do they wait until the second round? Do they trade back up?

With all these questions, what would be the potentially best and worst case scenarios for the Bills on Thursday?

From  Buffalo Bills Reporter Joe Buscaglia &  WGR 550.com, Here's a look at some different scenarios:


The Pie in the Sky Scenario
- With no quarterbacks off the board ahead of them selected, the Bills deal out from the eighth overall pick, maintaining a selection somewhere between picks 16 and 32 while gaining an additional second round pick and perhaps more, depending on where they move down to. Then they have their pick of the litter at quarterback with the newly acquired first round pick and hold on to the two second round picks.

The Ideal Scenario
- All of the same things happen. No quarterbacks are off the board before eighth overall and the Bills trade down to the same range. The difference with this scenario? They take a player at a different position with their first pick, use their two second round picks to get back in to the back end of the first round to select the quarterback of their choice. Why it's not pie in the sky? You sacrifice an extra top 60 pick to move up and take the quarterback.

The "Okay, I can deal with that" Scenario
- The Bills stay at eighth overall, get their pick of the litter from the top quarterbacks in the draft and select what they called a "franchise quarterback" at the pre-draft luncheon last Tuesday. They stick with their original pick at 41, and take the best player available that plays one of the following positions: wide receiver, tight end, guard, linebacker, cornerback or safety. No extra picks, just two players at their original selection spots.

The "Meh" Scenario
- The Bills trade down from eighth overall, picking up an extra second round pick. They move down too much, so that a run on quarterbacks happens ahead of their first selection, and they miss out on the top three guys on their board (likely Ryan Nassib, Matt Barkley and E.J. Manuel). They end up taking a different position in the first round, and use their next two picks on players that don't play quarterback either. Perhaps they use a selection on a third or fourth round quarterback.

The "They Better Be Right!" Scenario
- The Bills pass on both trading out of the eighth overall pick and on selecting a quarterback at that spot and fill a need at a different position. Sensing a run on quarterbacks could be coming, somewhere in the 20's the Bills unload their 41st overall pick and their first-round pick in 2014 to move up to get their pick of the litter at quarterback with all the players still on the board. A steep price for a quarterback, putting a lot more pressure on the young signal caller.

The Way Less Than Ideal Scenario
- The Bills pass up the chance at taking a quarterback at eighth overall and opt for a cornerback, wide receiver or tight end. In the second round, they stand pat at 41, allowing the top three quarterbacks on their board to all land with different teams. They end up taking another player at 41 that fills a need outside of quarterback and decide to just wait until 2014 to address the position, leaving the team in Kevin Kolb's hands for the upcoming year.

- Geno Smith ends up going early, the Bills get nervous and trade away their second round pick to move up a few slots to secure their quarterback. They then have to wait until pick 71 in a draft class that boasts depth and talent throughout the top 60. (The odds of this happening are slim to none)

There are a few different ways that it could play out that I didn't list in this column, but surely it figures to be an interesting couple of days for Bills fans.


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