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News headlines circle a building in New York's Times Square, Thursday, April 25, 2013. The Boston Marathon bombing suspects had planned to blow up their remaining explosives in New York's Times Square, officials said Thursday. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Could Bombing Suspects Have Succeded in NYC?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Thursday afternoon, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing were plotting to attack Times Square. We asked two experts if the suspects could have pulled it off.

Dr. Daniel Antonius of UB says probably not, because of the vigilance in New York City. "New York has been good when it comes to security and preventing terrorist attacks. It was just a couple of years ago when they thwarted an attack on Times Square," notes Antonius. He adds the suspects would likely have felt at the time they could get away with it. "It's a criminal mind. If you get away with it the first time, there's nothing that's going to keep you from trying a second time. There's a sense of invincibility, and in the sense of the bombing suspects in Boston, there's a sense of jihad or religious cause," says Antonius. "A holy war with Islam on one side, the US on the other side, and fighting without getting caught because it's a higher cause."

The plot came as no surprise to John Culhane of Hilbert College, a former FBI Supervisor. "I might not be so confident in their abilities," says Culhane. "It doesn't sound to me like they're prepared to carry it out. It sounds to me like they were making it up as they went along." Culhane says the suspects had leftover bombs and were anonymous and felt they could do whatever they wanted at that point.

Both Antonius and Culhane say New York will always be a target for terrorists because of the symbol of culture and commerce jihadists despise.

04/25/2013 5:54PM
Could Bombing Suspects Have Succeded in NYC?
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04/26/2013 11:40AM
Where's Grover?
The other night on the Foxnews Michelle Malkin claimed that Grover Norquist is involved in all of this. Demonstrating once again that Obama's reelection by the will of the people has driven the right-wing fringe completely over the bend. You people are priceless.
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