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Robert Woods, Kenneth Crawley
Southern California wide receiver Robert Woods, right, catches a pass for a touchdown as Colorado defensive back Kenneth Crawley defends during the first half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Bills Select WR's and LB in Rounds Two and Three of NFL Draft

Orchard Park, N.Y. (WBEN/AP) -- With the 41st overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, The Buffalo Bills have selected USC wide receiver Robert Woods.  The Bills followed that up with the 46th overall pick of inside linebacker Kiko Alonso from Oregon.

Woods heads to Buffalo after hauling in 76 receptions for 846 yards and 11 touchdowns during his junior season, his final season, with the Trojans. Woods' best season came as a sophomore a year earlier when he posted 1,292 yards with 111 catches, 15 of which went for touchdowns.

He was named to the All-Pac 12's first team in 2011, the same year in which he was also named a consensus All-American, and the second team last season.
Woods, 21 years old, stands 6'1" and weighs 190 lbs.

The Bills used their second selection in Round 2 of Friday's NFL Draft, obtained from the Rams, to add depth at LB. Oregon's Kiko Alonso heads to Buffalo at the 46th overall pick.

Named the Rose Bowl's Defensive Player of the Game in Oregon's 45-38 win over Wisconsin, Alonso racked up 5 tackles, 1.5 sacks and 1 interception.

The Bills used their third-round selection on another wideout, 5'9" Marquise Goodwin from Texas.

Wide Receiver Robert Woods Conference Call
Friday, April 26, 2013
Q: Do you think you have a chance to start right away?
A: I’m just going to come in there, compete and just start to take advantage of the opportunity that I have to play with the Bills. It’s a great opportunity to go compete.
Q: What are your thoughts about lining up outside?
A: It comes with the territory. I know coming to the NFL (you’re) playing some bigger and better corners. Like I said, it comes with the territory. I’m ready and willing to go against each and every corner in the league. I feel like with a great scheme you can beat anything with the book.
Q: What do you think are some of the greatest assets of your game?
A: First off my routes, I think part of my routes. Catch with my hands, running the right route, consistent receiver and reliable on third down. I feel like that’s the part of my game that brings value to myself.
Q: How do you feel about fighting in a crowd for balls?
A: It comes with the position. Sometimes you’ve got to make challenging catches. I mean that’s the receiver position, that’s what we’re supposed to do. If the ball’s in the air, it’s our ball.
Q: Your thoughts on growing with QB EJ Manuel?
A: It’s kind of funny because when he got drafted to the Bills I gave him a shout out. It was one of those things where I’ve seen him on trips. I went to Dallas for kind of like an All-Star skills challenge. We’ve built a relationship and now we can grow it even more. I look forward to the opportunity to play with him. He comes from a winning program and hopefully we can do great things at the next level.
Q: Did you hit it off right away with EJ when you guys would be together?
A: Yeah, I think we hit it off pretty good. I mean quarterback-receiver; we’re just trying to bond and make plays for each other.
Q: What are your thoughts about the Bills’ need for a receiver?
A: The Bills, I don’t really know much about their receiving corps; Stevie Johnson because I’ve followed him and watched him. We’re coming in here and hopefully me and EJ can make the team different and win more games. Once again, we’ve got to compete, not only for our spots, but to win games in the future.
Q: Did you have certain expectations or were you disappointed that you had a statistical drop off?
A: I was a little disappointed in a lot of things this year, especially not winning as many games as we should have. Stats come and go. Some things you can’t control. One thing you can control is your play. Obviously I play hard every play and make the best of the opportunities that I did have.
Q: Why did your numbers go down?
A: It’s kind of like the scheme of things. (Lane) Kiffin switched me and Marqise’s (Lee) positions. We played different positions. That added to it and that’s part of the game. I had a great year. Teams are going to kind of focus their attention on and when you another great receiver on the other side, you see what happens.
Q: Does being able to start with EJ as a 1-2 receiver excite you?
A: Yeah it really does excite me. I’ve seen him play; I know what he can do. Just from watching I already trust his arm. So now we’ve got to actually just get out there and do it on the field. I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to catch that first pass in the NFL level. I’m just looking forward to being out there and making plays for the Bills.
Q: Do you think your game against Coach Marrone and Syracuse had any impact on this decision?
A: I hope so. I had a big game against Syracuse. Hopefully that was the marking point. Hopefully that was something he remembered. I want to thank him for making that selection and coming up and getting me. It’s just an honor to play football in the NFL.
Linebacker Kiko Alonso Conference Call
Friday, April 26, 2013
Q: What are your thoughts on being drafted here on Day Two?
A: It is awesome. It is a dream come true. I am just feel really pumped right now and am really excited.
Q: Do you think the Oregon defense was underrated nationally?
A: Yeah, definitely. I think, not taking credit away from the offense obviously because they are awesome putting up the points and yards per game. It is really hard to look past them, but we have a lot of great players on the defense. We already had one picked with Dion (Jordan). We have a ton of players and a lot of talent who do not really get looked at because of what the offense is capable of doing and what there is on that side of the ball.
Q: How much did the coaching staff move you around in terms of inside and outside?
A: A lot. We played a lot of different defenses; a lot of different looks. A lot of times I was not in the box, I was in the box, up on the line or off the ball. We did a lot of stuff so I was all over the field.
Q: Would you say you played more inside or outside?
A: I would say inside, definitely.
Q: How do you think your type of skills fit the multiple front systems the Bills plan to run?
A: I feel like I can play any spot in that system. I am really excited to come out there, just compete and play hard.
Q: You did not run at the Combine, right?
A: Yeah.
Q: What did you run on your pro day?
A: I was clocked between high 4.6 and low 4.7. That is what the range was with all of the people timing it.
Q: You had a wrist injury. Where does that stand?
A: I had a wrist injury midseason and I was actually cleared about three weeks ago for full activity. So I am good to go.
Q: How much contact did the Bills have with you throughout the pre-draft process?
A: I interviewed with them at the Combine and I talked to them a good amount.
Q: What do you know about the Bills?
A: I know they have a lot of great players. They have (C.J.) Spiller and a lot of guys. They actually drafted a guy who went to my high school, Trent Edwards. Obviously he is not there anymore.
Q: You had to sit out the 2010 season, what did you tell teams about that?
A: I just told them I put in my time and am moving forward. I’m ready to play football and compete.
Q: The Rose Bowl game against Wisconsin—will that be the top highlight game you remember from your career?
A: I would say just winning games; all of the games. That was a great game, but we gave up too many points that game. I like when the defense goes out there and we shut people down. The whole team. That is what I like.
Q: Can you give me an idea of your typical coverage assignments?
A: A lot of different looks. We were in zone coverage. We played a lot of man-to-man.
Q: What position groups were you mostly assigned?
A: At times I was guarding tight ends, at time running backs and at times receivers.

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