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"State Considers Smoking Age Increase Up to 21, Mirrors NYC Plan"
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04/29/2013 8:15AM
State Considers Smoking Age Increase Up to 21, Mirrors NYC Plan
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04/29/2013 9:10AM
That's what Democrat brainiacs in Albany are all wrapped up in. If it's not this idiotic non sense it's deciding what the state vegetable needs to be or redesigning license plates (for our safety) It's looking as though NYS has way too many legislators trying to scrounge up something to make themselves appear useful and end up scrapping the bottom of the barrel and coming up with this nit-wit useless non sense, but that is what makes a NYS Democrat politician. These waste of space Democrats really need to be concentrating their efforts to banning bibles, talk radio, guns, cigarettes, cigars, French fries and wind shield wiper speeds (for our safety) You should hang your head in shame if you've ever voted for a Democrat in this embarrassing laughing stock of a state.
04/29/2013 11:34AM
Someone here's got to be pro-tobacco.
After all, you people are by and large pro-gun violence. Let's hear your advocacy for giving cigarettes to children.
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