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"How old should you be to purchase cigarettes?"
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04/30/2013 5:29AM
How old should you be to purchase cigarettes?
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04/30/2013 6:54AM
Different story when the state takes away something you care about
NY is evolving into a state where “special” interest groups know what’s best for people. Criminalize the gun owners to ”save” the children, but then legalize full term abortion. Silence the church, keep your silly rituals inside out of the public’s eye, but then force the taxpayer to go against their beliefs. Limit the size of those sugary drinks, point fingers at the clown for childhood obesity by placing toys in the kids meal. If you didn’t see this coming early, it is surly too late. I’m going to fall into the individual/minimalist on this one, Count me out.
04/30/2013 8:02AM
Let's hear the pro-tobacco voice.
Like the gun industry that enjoys so much right wing support, the tobacco industry is another lying empire of death mongering. Let's hear from their obedient toadies.
04/30/2013 4:33PM
Looks like the tobacco industry alerted their minions to vote
The only "special" interest group here is the tobacco industry and its addicts pushing their lethal drug on our youth. Tobacco is ILLEGAL for minors, yet most smokers started as minors - that makes the tobacco companies drug dealers to children. It is a pediatric epidemic when a third start before age 12. Apparently it is against one poster's beliefs to protect children from drug dealers (it is not a legal drug when it comes to youth.) The rest of us taxpayers do want to save our kids from a life time of addiction and disease.
04/30/2013 10:36PM
18 is fine.
If they are okd enough to serve in the Military at 18, they should be allowed to buy cigarettes at 18, not 21!
05/01/2013 9:31AM
They Can Go To War, But...
they can't smoke a cigarette or order a drink. How ridiculous is that? They can give their lives for our country, but they can't enjoy simple freedoms. I certainly don't want to see anyone smoke, but why don't we just keep themin diapers until they're 50, too?
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