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DA Won't Re-Try Parete Shooter on Murder Charges

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita says he will not pursue a murder charge against Varner Harris, Jr. in connection with the death of a Buffalo Police Officer.

Officer Patty Parete died in February, a result of being shot by Harris in 2006. Her partner, Carl Andolina was also wounded. Parete's death was classified as a homicide. Harris pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder and was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.

In a letter to Parete's family, Sedita says he feels it would be lawful to re-present the case to a grand jury and seek a first degree murder indictment, but that would mean the attempted murder conviction would be set aside, so he had to decide whether moving forward would be appropriate.

Sedita admits this was one of his most difficult decisions he's ever made as a prosecutor, but based on the wishes of Parete, her famlly and Buffalo Police, he will not re-open the case. Sedita adds Harris won't be eligible for parole until 2037 and will unilkely be released from prison.
Sedita does note if Harris does successfully appeal his conviction on attempted murder, he will reconsider. Harris has appealed several times and has been rejected.

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05/01/2013 1:43PM
DA Won't Re-Try Parete Shooter on Murder Charges
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05/01/2013 5:16PM
Nathan Hale
I believe that Harris should ROT in prison.
05/01/2013 7:19PM
Keep Harris Forever
Upgrading the charges against Varner Harris would serve no real purpose because he is serving 30 to Life. I have a feeling that he will never have another day on the street so the current sentence will suffice.
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