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"Buffalo Gun Buy Back Program Saturday"
Is Not Available At This Time.
05/03/2013 6:34AM
Buffalo Gun Buy Back Program Saturday
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05/03/2013 7:46AM
Cue the whining.
Go ahead gun fetishists. Pout to your heart's content! Gonna get loud around here.
05/03/2013 9:07AM
Event is contrary to state law requirements
The no questions asked aspect of these buybacks/surrenders violate several points of the state penal code. Although state law allows for voluntary surrender of "firearms" (handguns, machine guns, and now under the NY SAFE Act "assault weapons") the law, Article 265.20(f.), specifically requires that the name and address of the person turning in such items be provided. Additionally Article 400.05(4) requires that the data (make, model, caliber, serial#, ect) on any "firearms" taken from any person be transmitted to the "Executive Dept., of the State Police in Albany", who are to conduct a search of their files for any info on the weapon (ie. stolen weapon report). The local authority is to be immediately notified of any findings. Any finally, before any "firearm" is to be destroyed by local authorities, Article 400.05(5) requires that the local authority notify the SP of its intent to destroy such weapon, and that the SP, only after making a check of their files and making a record of the data in the weapon, give the local authority permission to destroy the weapon. My understanding is that the ID of persons turning "firearms" at these "buybacks" is NOT being made, and that collected "firearms" are being destroyed with the required involvement by the State Police as noted. To the best of my knowledge, there has been no legislation passed which enables local authority to bypass the above mentioned procedures during these so called "buybacks".
05/03/2013 11:49AM
This isn't journalism.
Any entity that charters buses to take a bunch of rednecks to Albany to whine en masse is not to be taken seriously when the same entity pretends to be objective. WBEN fail
05/03/2013 12:21PM
This isn't journalism?
Anyone who doesn't understand the difference between a talk show and a news cast? Also FAIL! Should one distrust the entire Buffalo News (or Artvoice for that matter) because they have editorial pages? Should we never believe the News because Warren Buffet has hosted maximum level fundraiser for the President? ( FAIL, HATER, FAIL!
05/03/2013 3:57PM
RE: post @ 9:07am "...and that collected "firearms" are being destroyed with the required involvement of the State Police as noted". My mistake in proof reading! Of course those weapons ARE NOT being disposed of in accordance with the required State Police involvement as mandated under Penal Articles 400.05(4) & (5). There is no required check of the State Police files being done to see if there are any "wants" on the weapons, no record of them is being made of those files and no permission to destroy them is being granted by the SP to the local authorities that collected them. It's VERY possible that weapons which may be key evidence in criminal cases is simply being melted down without investigation! Stolen arms, which the rightful owner would like to get back, are just being chopped up!
05/03/2013 4:04PM
Want to be judged by the company you keep?
The new NRA president is a neo-Confederate and a birther. This weekend's NRA convention features the likes of Glenn Beck, John Bolton, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum. Those are your overlords, obedient WBEN follower. Stand proud and give them your money as they demand.
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