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"Rough Time of Year for Motorcyclists"
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05/03/2013 5:45PM
Rough Time of Year for Motorcyclists
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05/06/2013 7:36AM
I can not stress this enough. Drivers in cars etc. must pay attention to their driving. This means PUT THE PHONE DOWN!! Do not TEXT.... Look for the headlight on a motorcycle.... By law the headlight must be on at all times while riding. Do not turn left in front of a motorcycle coming toward you, they have the right of way just as another car does. Don't turn from a stop sign in front of a motorcycle either. LOOK!!! Motorcyclists are not perfect either..... Don't think you are invincible or are a professional stunt rider.... Ride like you are invisible.... Keep the front wheel ON THE GROUND.... Drive the speed limit.... Countless times I have been passed on the 190,290 & 990 like I am in reverse.... When I am going 65mph & a bike passes me at over 100mph they must either have a death wish or a brain that would fit on the head of a pin and look like a pebble in a parking lot. I speak from a personal perspective as I lost a close family member to a motorcycle wreck.
05/06/2013 8:28AM
Share the road
The roadways are a naturally dangerous place to be for anyone. I quit riding motorcycles quite a while ago because I felt unsafe due to inattentive drivers. I now ride my bicycle and run from 4 to 6 days per week. We can pass more laws, but they will not help. I do see a LOT of unsafe motorcycle riders and I am afraid they bring on a lot of their own trouble. We have all seen the antics from burnouts at red lights to insane 100 mph and even 150 mph speeds. The cruiser types who have mufflers but rather run straight pipes go unchecked because the cops do not ticket them, I have seen many rallies with police escorts and super loud pipes. All I can see that could help would be taking drunk driving more serious and taking unlicensed drivers off the road. I know someone who was hit by a large SUV from out of state, the driver was unlicensed, with no insurance and registration. The Buffalo police let the person drive away with no tickets. I can only guess why, but I won't, the accident was on the east side.
05/06/2013 11:44AM
Motorcycle vs bigger vehicles
It is so sad when I life is taken behind the wheel of a vehicle or a motorcycle etc etc etc. It's not always the other driver creating the unsafe driving situation, My son and I watched two young men on rice burners trying to beat out traffic They split up one in the middle of the road the other on the shoulder their way of passing even when speed limit 35 mph. It;s not just the drivers of cars/trucks some of these motorcycle drivers try to prove nohing will happen to them the way they drive. Everyone say a prayer for safety!
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