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"WBEN Extra: Gun Buyback or Sellback?"
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05/04/2013 6:31AM
WBEN Extra: Gun Buyback or Sellback?
Do you like the sellback idea?
05/04/2013 8:15AM
Rule of thumb. Don't be like Arizona. Or Texas or Alabama or South Carolina or any other parasite wingnut red state. We already took care do those idiots in 1865. If you're that stupid already then move there.
05/04/2013 8:23AM
The best way to handle it and make money to boot
05/04/2013 8:37AM
Should we follow Jan Brewer's example?
05/06/2013 7:46AM
Stupid idea ....just plain stupid!
They buy back toys and BB guns too! What a waste of money. No gang banger has ever turned in a weapon. Most of the stuff is just junk. It's typical of one of our political parties. Just blow money for nothing, except publicity. You can't solve problems with stupid ideas. Almost without fail, the first charges dropped when criminals are arrested are the weapons possession charges because tthey carry mandatory jail time. Just how many gun related murders are there that are not drug related in some way. --- Almost none. Just a few in even a county and city this size. Enough is enough. Go after the criminals not the average citizens.
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