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"Paladino Wins School Board Seat"
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05/07/2013 10:09PM
Paladino Wins School Board Seat
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05/07/2013 10:19PM
He will turn the school system upsidedown and shake it!!!
I have a feeling Carl Paladino will not be popular with the administration or teachers union. The guy is blunt but gets his point across. Maybe the graduation rate will improve and they will actually teach the kids something now.
05/08/2013 8:19AM
There go your property values.
Prospective homebuyers will see that the school board now has an arsonist in the gasoline lab and look elsewhere for their kids' sake.
05/08/2013 9:51AM
Better this than governor.
Boy that would have been a tragic disaster! As it is this guy should get zero votes for dogcatcher. He's good at harnessing peoples' resentment and low self-esteem to get them to vote against their own interests though. A carny.
05/08/2013 10:45AM
If electing Tea Partiers to Congress is any indication...
Business will grind to a halt. Part of governing is getting along with other people and coming to agreements and finding middle grounds to things you might be opposed too. Carl seems like the private business owner who is used to saying "do this" and will not take any push back lightly. Good luck getting him to sit and play nice at the Adult Table.
05/08/2013 11:16AM
Today's Buffalo News has NOTHING about Paladino being elected
Do you think perhaps The Buffalo News does not like Carl Paladino? There is not a word in today's edition about him being elected. Maybe it was "An Oversight"......
05/08/2013 11:31AM
ummmm not to defend the Buffalo News but...
On their front page, the very first word after the big headline is "Paladino". All you had to do was read 8 words in, and there he is.
05/08/2013 11:48AM
RE Today's Buffalo News
Well if by NOTHING you mean HEADLINE then you're absolutely right. It's always opposite day in Limbaugh Land.
05/08/2013 1:27PM
My paper does not have anything about Paladino
The front page of the May 8, 2013 Buffalo News that I have has a picture of the new Sabres coach. Nothing about Paladino. Also nothing in the Region section either. 8 words or 800 on the front of either section with no mention of Carl Paladino. That goesfor the inside as well.....
05/08/2013 1:34PM
Go Cumulus!
If you're an advertiser, would you want your products associated with pure, relentless, unflinching hate? No wonder Limbaugh is circling the drain.
05/08/2013 1:46PM
Good Riddance
Ralph "waste of time" Hernandez!
05/08/2013 2:11PM
It's Good to be King
He'll resign before his term expires. Like a writer said above, he owns a company. He's used to getting his own way. That won't happen here. He has to work with the rest of the Board of Ed., and the Superintendent of Schools. He is not used to that. Also, the State Dept. of Education bureaucracy will frustrate him to no end. On WBEN Radio Sunday morning, he said "contracts are made to be broken." He has no idea how to serve in any capacity at any level of our government.
05/08/2013 4:03PM
you can do it !
go carl ! go carl ! 100 % with you !
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