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"WBEN Extra: One DWI Arrest Every Five Hours"
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05/16/2013 6:27AM
WBEN Exttra: One DWI Arrest Every
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05/17/2013 12:02PM
All grandstanding
With all the tens of thousands of people out drinking here every weekend and all they can find are 5 a day? It must not be that bad really. "Have one drink and you can't drive safely?" Who are they kidding? They have to resort to bringing back people from 25 years ago to dramatize their cause. Basic fact: you cannot change the world to be some fantasy land. You cannot cut out all deaths - not with - what - 180 million drivers going over a trillion miles a year. And a lot of those deaths are in single car accidents too - rollovers, hitting trees and poles. Communist Russia tried forcing all the people to comply with their edicts and were still unsuccessful after years of work camps. Do we need to jail all the people having one drink so the roads will be free for those who binge drink? Maybe that would make things "safe".
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