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"IRS Scandal Fallout: Collins Says Obama is 'Chief Complainer'"
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05/16/2013 8:09PM
Collins: Obama is 'Chief Complainer'
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05/17/2013 6:46AM
Is Obama’s regime finally starting to fall apart ?
Plausible denial seems to be the theme for many made for TV movies, now it seems to be Washington’s main anthem. I voted for senator Collins with the idea he would stand up and question what is going on. Good job, finally a politician who doesn’t disappoint.
05/17/2013 7:23AM
Too LAZY for details
As usual, conservatives are way too lazy to bother understanding the details in any of these situations. It's easier to just go off on an anti-Obama rant. Ho-hum. They've been blowing anything and everything out of proportion with this President since day one. Conservative groups VOLUNTARILY applied for tax-exempt status, which required they NOT be politically motivated---yet they had many hyper-partisan names. Gee, trying to draw a red flag much? "Uh hello, IRS? I want to apply to be a 501c.4 group. Name of my organization? We're the Americans Who Hide Much of Our Income group. What? Waddaya mean that's going to need to be looked into more deeply?" Of course if these were liberal groups, they'd be all for uber scrutiny. Same ol' BS.
05/17/2013 9:20AM
Three scandals
1. Benghazi. A good example of FoxNews and the GOP making fools of themselves chasing a big nothing. Have fun with that. 2. and 3. the IRS and AP. Certainly immoral behavior, but is any of this illegal in the post-Patriot Act environment that your sacred hero George W Bush created? And who cares what Chris Collins has to say -- he doesn't represent the people, rather he shills for the corporate elite.
05/17/2013 9:23AM
"Tea Party"? That rings a bell.
The silly people in costumes with the teabags and the misspelled signs? Are they still around? And isn't the danger here that the IRS may be restrained from going after the true bad actors, e.g. Karl Rove, Sheldon Adelson, the evil Koch brothers et al who are now working to subvert our democracy in the wake of the catastrophic Citizens United ruling?
05/17/2013 10:02AM
"Major Garrett"
That's a name you won't hear anytime soon on WBEN.
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