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"Budget Vote Extra: Is Your District Cutting Spending? Raising Taxes?"
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05/20/2013 7:31AM
Budget Vote Extra: Is Your District Cutting Spending? Raising Taxes?
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05/20/2013 9:32AM
Q.Why do Republicans hate education?
A. Because intelligent people don't vote Republican.
05/20/2013 4:39PM
Jealous of East Aurora
I'm voting no. The bottom line is that Clarence taxpayers have a right to be upset. Just because our homes are assessed higher than homes in Williamsville doesn't mean that we should pay 30% more than Williamsville taxpayers do. The Clarence School Board is like a 6-year-old in a cell phone commercial yelling "We want more. We want more." The total median tax bill for Clarence is $3720. For Williamsville it's $2722, and they are the best district in the area. East Aurora is ranked just below Clarence, but their median school tax bill is just $2439. Any of our Top 5 districts are as good as any in the country. Paying nearly $1300 less a year buys a heck of a lot of Pizzas. I'm jealous of East Aurora right about now...
05/21/2013 4:11PM
Lets get rid of Kenmore and reduce or property taxes.
In KenTon School Dist; if they close a school, lay off teachers, have a decline in enrollment and the Kenmore senior citizens population is increasing, then why are they raising taxes. Not to mention wanting 5, that they reduced to 4, new buses. It may be time for the Village of Kenmore and Town of Tonawanda to merge completely. This would also eliminate the additional Village taxes we pay every year. Our new name "Tonawanken."
05/21/2013 4:37PM
Q. Why do liberals "think" higher taxes will help education or that this is even sustainab
A. Because liberalism is a mental disorder.
05/23/2013 9:36AM
williamsville school tax rip off
williamsville people are so out of it.they will let the school taxes go to whatever . stop the madness and cut,cut ,cut these kids dont need i pads . if they want one go buy your own, why should i pay for it. This town is so screwed up
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