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GOP Chair Calls Out Ryan, Other Democrats

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The chairman of Erie County's Republican Party says he's heard the sound of silence from the area's Democratic contingent on the Vito Lopez incident, and how speaker Sheldon Silver handled it. Now, he's calling out one particular assemblyman.

Nick Langworthy is particularly calling out Assemblyman Sean Ryan, who in turn has been challenging Sheriff Tim Howard for not being willing to enforce the NYSAFE Act. "The disgusting actions by Vito Lopez against female staff members are reprehensible, yet Sean Ryan remains silent on the topic," says Langworthy.

Langworthy says the media need to ask if Ryan will stand with Speaker Sheldon Silver or with the women "who were subjected to inhumane treatment and had their dignity stripped away by Vito Lopez."

Langworthy says another reason why that question needs to be asked is "he's an advocate for women's rights and that's why he's criticizing our sheriff for not supporting NYSAFE." Langworthy also notes, "This past weekend, Assemblyman Sean Ryan had much to say about Sheriff Tim Howard’s position on the NY SAFE Act.  He even falsely claimed Sheriff Howard did not support victims of domestic violence.  What we did not hear from Sean Ryan is where he stands on the sexual harassment firestorm burning in his conference of the New York State Assembly. It's time for him to tell the taxpayers the truth.”

Langworthy adds he's heard nothing from the Western New York Democratic contingent in the Assembly about where they stand with Silver since he asked that question on Thursday.

Ryan issued a statement late Monday afternoon:

“The Speaker has admitted that he should have handled the entire matter differently, and I completely agree with that statement. The Assembly announced today that it will put together a bi-partisan committee, with the assistance of outside experts, to review its rules and issue a set of recommendations to ensure that the Assembly has the most aggressive sexual harassment prevention policy in the nation. I fully support this step, which will ensure that this situation never occurs again.”