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"Boy Scouts Approve Plan to Accept Openly Gay Boys"
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05/23/2013 6:18PM
Boy Scouts Approve Plan to Accept Openly Gay Boys
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05/24/2013 7:03AM
Scouting is not the proper forum to promote homosexuality.
Though there is no reason scouting shouldn’t be available to everyone, openly forcing someone’s sexuality on to others is a problem. The BSA should be making decisions based on what best for the origination, not because it is being forced upon them Let’s stop branding people with titles, gay or straight, judge on abilities and what we can accomplish together
05/24/2013 8:24AM
What kind of a message are the Boy Scout and any other group sending to the youth of this country?
As it stands, the message is that it is OK to allow a minor to have sex with another minor. Homosexual or not! So why not let let have sex with both sexes at the age of 5 so as they can find themselves? What a spineless bunch of people making all the wrong ungodly choices.
05/24/2013 9:08AM
Gays in scouting
Why not, they or any boy need the skills they will learn from scouting , and greatly befit from it no matter their choices in life.It's a win , win citutation.
05/24/2013 11:02AM
The Boy Scouts will accept gay members but not gay leaders. Pretty terrible but still better than CPAC.
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