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"Analysis: Silver Tarnished, But Power Base is Safe"
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05/24/2013 5:54PM
Lovett: Silver Safe for Now
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05/28/2013 7:02AM
Thank you
Thank you for speaking out and subjecting yourselves to the abuse that Silvers dishes out. It is all of our taxes that go to support such a corrupt system and something has to be done. He is truly the "bully" of Albany !
05/28/2013 10:20PM
Kearns speaks the truth but it will cost him
I laud Mickey Kearns for speaking out against Sheldon Silver. This brave act of telling the truth will cost Kearns plenty. Silver will literally move Kearns into a broom closet with a folding chair and card table for daring to call him out.
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The giant 'rubber ducky'.....
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