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"Could the IRS scandal affect next year's midterms?"
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05/28/2013 7:10AM
Could the IRS scandal affect next year's midterms?
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05/28/2013 9:13AM
Could the IRS scandal affect next year's midterms?
If it raises the profile of the silly people in their medicare scooters with their colonial costumes and misspelled signs, it can only give the Democrats an unfair advantage. Especially if the preposterous baggers claim to be non-political, promoting social welfare, and deserving of tax-exempt status. No wonder Foxnews tries to pretend they don't exist.
05/28/2013 11:45AM
Big Deal
So, conservative groups with hyper-partisan political names are more heavily scrutinized as they apply for TAX EXEMPT status, since tax exempt outfits AREN'T supposed to be political in nature? Color me shocked! The IRS looks for RED FLAGS. Many of those conservative groups stupidly provided plenty of them. Ironically, those groups could've just filed 990 forms and gone about their business...LOL. None of this IRS nonsense stopped these groups from operating, so what's with all the screams of suppression? Oh that's right: The sky is falling! I forgot...LOL.
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