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"\"The New Buffalo\" Advertisement Seen Far Beyond Here"
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05/29/2013 6:58AM
"The New Buffalo" Advertisement Seen Far Beyond Here
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05/29/2013 7:16AM
Today's WBEN poll
"No" is leading the pack by far. What a bunch of gloomy un-American Eeyores! This is what you get when you feed 'em Limbaugh and his imitators all the time. A constant diet of hate and lies creates an audience that's, how to putit, below average.
05/29/2013 7:18AM
Wait'll they hear that Michele Bachmann is leaving the House to concentrate on staying out of prison.
05/29/2013 7:42AM
Great ad
Nicely done.
05/29/2013 8:13AM
Buffalo?? Really, Buffalo??
I can tell you right now that the ads touting Bflo will probably not work. Coast to coast, this city has almost as bad a reputation as Detroit, and nothing will change that until the voters wake up and change the culture of corruption in both Albany and Buffalo/Erie County. This area, and I was born here, has nothing to offer except food. Leave NY for good!! I've lived on both coasts and in Texas. Let me tell you about Texas ! Oh, forget about it! The know-nothings in western NY could care less- only about how much will the government give me! Hal
05/29/2013 8:39AM
Texas?? Really, Texas??
Rick Perry. Louie Gohmert. Case closed. Next!
05/29/2013 8:40AM
05/29/2013 9:00AM
05/29/2013 9:46AM
Florida see's it
Highland Beach
05/29/2013 1:14PM
F bombs and truth? On a WBEN message board?
In the past this website has carefully screened to prevent profanity and pesky facts that contradict the right-wing made-up narrative. Congrats to Rachel Kingston and Steve Cichon for bailing on this shadow-of-its-former-self propaganda outlet.
05/29/2013 1:42PM
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