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"Controversy Brewing Over Beer Ads on Buses"
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05/28/2013 5:48PM
Controversy Brewing Over Beer Ads on Buses
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05/29/2013 11:37AM
Open your eyes Ms. Grant and Mr. Hogues!!!
I wish someone would address the real problem, the students behavior on the rail and buses. Does Ms. Grant realize that some of her so called vulnerable students are out of control and have no sense of appropriate or even reasonable public behavior? Please explain to me how a beer add is going to effect them? Has someone looked at any evidence that supports Ms. Grants view? Where is the data?? Children are an extension of the parents behavior and/or what is happening in the home. If you have children out of control, most of whom don't show for school anyways, parents that are not available, parents that have no sense of accountability for their children who ride; how is a beer add going to make things worse? Sound as if Ms. Grant and Mr. Hogues have another agenda? Please Mr. Hartmayer do not bend to these politicians!! Another example of politicians being out of touch and simply brain dead.
05/29/2013 12:15PM
what does betty jean want ?
Since this ad is offensive how about one from mary janes knitting club , would that be offensive as well? Its dollars to keep the train rollin as the ny economy gets worse from too many regs!
05/29/2013 6:58PM
How is Betty Jean a concerned party?
Does she own the bus? Does she sell beer? Does she ride the bus? Does she have children riding that bus? Why does anyone care what she says? Don't you have to be part of the process to have an influence? With all the problems of poor graduation rates and high unemployment in the Buffalo Young Urban community, this is where she cares to spend her time? NFTA is advertizing a legal product. Shut it Betty Jean.
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