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"Clarence School Budget Includes Smaller Tax Hike; Sports,Teacher Cuts"
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05/29/2013 7:40AM
Clarence School Budget Includes Smaller Tax Hike; Sports,Teacher Cuts
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05/29/2013 8:05PM
Top Down
Typical school board nonsense. Tick the parents off by cutting sports, making class sizes larger, and cutting other programs. NOTICE - Administration is not cutting anything, same old TRICK played by every school district when their budget is turned down by the voters. From the "Super" to the asst. "super(s)", to the heavy loaded adm. staff. "No Cuts". They're special, they deserve what they get. Right!!! Good luck people.
06/07/2013 9:36PM
Get the Facts
Business First ranks Clarence in the top 2 schools for administrative efficiency and maintains one of the lowest per-pupil spending in Western New York. The school tax rate is the third lowest in WNY, only more than the city of Buffalo and Lackawanna. This is a cost effective district that is about as lean as you can get. Salaries for the staff are at BEST average among other districts in WNY. There is nothing left to cut in Clarence except non mandated programs. There are no tricks involved.
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