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Golden Age Games Come to Buffalo

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) It had been postponed for financial reasons. After an about face, today is the day the VA National Golden Age Games arrive in Buffalo.

Some 700 veterans 55 and older will compete in a number of sports, including air rifle, shuffleboard, bowling, and an exhibition sport of sled hockey. Admission to all events, including opening and closing ceremonies, is free.

The event had been postponed for financial reasons by the VA. But pressure from Congressman Brian Higgins among others led to a change of mind. "For all the people who have contributed their time, VA employees and volunteers, those who contributed in sponsorship, and businesses looking to welcome our veterans and families come to town and see our beautiful city, it's very important," says Evangline Conley with the VA.

Conley says it also gives people a chance to see Buffalo for real. "A lot of people just hear about the snow we have, but look at the beautiful weather we'll have this week. We have so many things they'll be able to see, the history, Lake Erie and the Niagara River," adds Conley.

The games run through Monday.

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